New Avengers #6 Review

The New Avengers #6 - Breakout! part six


After our heroes escape last issue they come to realize that Lykos was killed by the black widow…not the red head…the blond one (hehe). She has been accompanied by a group of shield agents under her orders. She orders them to kill the team and when one mad hesitates she kills him and they open fire. The team takes Yelena   and her men and defeat them easily. Wolvie gets stopped from killing her by cap reminding him they don’t kill. Wolvie objects but   cap stands by his words. They interrogate Yelena and Spiderwoman almost zaps her brain with her venom blasts. The only thing they get from her is that she works for the same people as them. Sauran then jumps up and breathes fire all over yelena. She flees and they take down lykos.

With no way home they start walking and come upon a shield slave operation. The indigenous people of the savage land have been enslaved and used to mine savage land vibraium to build banned weapons. They don’t know why the operation exists but decides to stop it. By the time they can try the entire place is vaporized while up above the shield hellicarier looms.

Maria Hill tries to explain that they just found out what was happening here but no one believes her. The team convenes and Iron man asks wolvie to join he explains to cap that after the wanda situation they need someone like wolvie incase they cant make the hard decision. Back in a hospital someone offers Yelena revenge on the avengers for what they did to her, she accepts.
The Good
Conspiracy theories- love them, this is the start of Bendis big “who dun it” story that will crescendo into Secret invasion. I love the story from start to finish, this team has a great mix of all kinds of personalities, wolvie and Spidey get great play off each other as do Tony and Cap. Everything just coalesced into a great read with world of possibilities to come.
The Bad
1 minor nitpick……I can’t say I’ve ever seen Sauron breath fire, I’m just sayin 🙂

The Ugly
5/5 starts


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