Goliath (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Stan Lee and Dan Heck

1st appearance: The Avengers #32, 1966

Real Name: Bill Foster

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Avengers

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height:  Variable         Weight: Variable

Eyes: Brown                      Hair: Black

Relatives: Tom Foster/Black Goliath (Nephew)

Skills and abilities: Genius level scientific mind and capable fighter.

Powers: He could increase his size which gave him super strength directly proportionate to his size/height.


William Barrett “Bill” Foster was born in a ghetto but thanks to his brilliant and scientific mind he managed to land himself a scholarship to California Technical Institute and then enlisted in the military. After this he worked for Stark Technologies and their he assisted Henry Pym/Yellow Jacket/Giant Man to solve a pym particle related problem. Once finished he created his own “growth formula” without any of the side effects of the original. He briefly clashed with Luke Cage and a Technical Adviser for the short lived Champions during his early years.

In modern times he fought against the registration act during civil war and wound up dead thanks to Clor/Ragnaroc. He was succeeded by his nephew, Tom Foster who continued his legacy.


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