Becka Munroe (Character)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Chris Claremont

1st appearance: Genext #1, 2008

Citizenship: Savage Land/Antarctica

Eye Color: Brown (sometimes yellow)                Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5’6                                                                        Weight: 127

Relatives: Storm (Mother), Ashake (ancestor, deceased), Mr. Munroe ( Great grandfather), Harriet Munroe (Great grandmother),  unidentified Kenyan maternal grandmother, David Munroe (Grand father, deceased), N’dare Munroe (Grand mother, deceased), Vivian Munroe (Grand Aunt, deceased), Colonel Shetani (Great uncle), David Evan Munroe Jr. (Cousin)

Alternate reality siblings: Azari (Brother), T’chaka/Panther (Brother), Sh’ri (sister), Sky-Panther (Sister), Torrent (sister), Kymera (Sister)

Skills an Abilities: Trained hunter thanks to life in the savage land.

Powers: She possesses the same weather manipulating powers as her mother but also has a dominant feral mutation which makes her unpredictable in battle. This feral mutation grants her claws, healing factor, enhanced senses, superhuman strength and feline yellow eyes. In addition various tattoos will also sprout across her skin. It should be noted that when her feral powers activate her weather powers lash out almost uncontrollably.


The daughter of Storm of the X-men and an unknown man. Based on her powers and physical characteristics her birth dates back to a time when her mother was in the savage land, mutated into a feral beast and captured by Brainchild [GeneXt #1]. Sometime after her birth for unknown reasons she was left abandoned in the savage land where she grew up along with the grandson of Colossus, Pavel Rasputin [GeneXt #1-3].

She excelled at hunting due to her mutation but also grew shy and introverted.She went to the Xavier School hoping they could help her control her powers and save her [GeneXt #1]. At the school she was roomed with No-Name [GeneXt #2]. Despite being out of the savage land she sleeps under her bed with a knife still [GeneXt #3]. Unknown to her friends she also has a major crush on Rico son of the Fantastic Four’s Franklin Richards [GeneXt United #2].

Becka Munroe
Becka in the Savage Land from GeneXt #1 2008 art by Patrick Scherberger

During a training session with X-23 in the danger room she caused her teammates: Pavel Rasputin/Colossus, Rico, Oliver Raven and No-Name; to lose the session because she was afraid if she went all out her feral nature would have taken over and put everyone in danger. After the session she was very upset but her friends carried her out to a local club to cheer her up [GeneXt #1]. While at the club she is approached by mutant haters which causes her to go feral and lose control of her powers. Luckily Oliver Raven manages to calm her down and take her back to the school [GeneXt #1]. She later trains with Oli in a sparring session [GeneXt #2]. When No-Name bolts from the school she and her friends track her down and battle the ‘Neo’ [GeneXt #2]. With No-Name gone she is interrogated alongside her friends about where No-Name would go [GeneXt #3]. Alongside her friends she steals a Blackbird from the school to track down their friend [GeneXt #3]. After they locate No-Name Becka’s instincts prove right as they are transported to the demolished Genosha to battle Shadow-X a team of other world evil counterparts of the original X-men [GeneXt #4]. They defeated the villains but were left stranded on Genosha [GeneXt #5].

GeneXt United

They remained on Genosha until Beast/Henry MCcoy retrieved their stolen Blackbird and came to retrieve them. While their an old friend of Beast’s ‘Sati’ showed up asking for his help. He then took the kids to India to aid her cause [GeneXt United #1]. While in India she grows jealous when Rico spends time with Sati instead of her [GeneXt United #2]. In battle with the Indian god Kali Oli realized they would be killed and used his powers in conjunction with those of Sati to transform and hide his friends all across India [Genext United#3]. Becka became ‘Daria’ a woman working in the Nilgiri Hills and in love with a man named Sagid. Her friends found her and they took the fight back to Kali [GeneXt United #4]. After they defeat Kali she and her friends head back to school [GeneXt United #5].


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