Battlestar-Lemar Hoskins

Battlestar-Lemar Hoskins

Created by: Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary

1st appearance: Captain America #323, November 1986

Nationality: American

Aliases: Bucky, Black Captain America

Team Affiliations: Wild Pack, Bold Urban Commandos, Guardsmen

Legal Status: US citizen with a criminal record

Weight: 225 lbs    Height: 6’3

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Notes: The name change from Bucky to Battlestar came about because marvel readers noted that a “Buck” was a derogatory name used by slave owners to describe their male slaves. a “Buck’ was a male slave used to impregnate a bunch of female slaves much like a prize bull is used on a cow farm.

Skills and abilities: Trained in armed and unarmed combat by the military.

Powers: Enhanced strength (Capable of lifting 10 tons). He also caries an indestructible adamantium shield modeled after Captain Americas first.


As a child Battlestar was a big fan of “Isiah Bradley” though he thought he was an urban myth. As he grew up he joined the army and after being discharged became a wrestler. This is when the opportunity presented itself for him to become like his idol “Isiah Bradley“, he who took the Power Broker’s strength augmentation process that was created by Karl Malus. He then joined a team called the Bold Urban Commandos or Buckies for short. The team supported John Walker also known as the super patriot. When John became Captain America he became his sidekick “Bucky” though he soon tired of being a sidekick and broke off on his own as battlestar. Joining Silver Sable’s Wild pack he grew into a leader and was her second in command. During Civil War he opposed the registration act and was severely injured and jailed.

He remained in prison and healed until Normal Obsorn was overthrown in “Siege” and joined the Guardsmen. They were a response team to superhuman threats. The team was all wiped out except Battlestar when they battled a zombie Squadron Supreme. The town was eventually nuked to end the conflict and saw the avenger Jack of Hearts return.

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