Quill (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Mark Gruenwald & Kieron Dwyer

1st appearance:  Captain America, vol. 1 #343, 1988

Alias: Porcupine

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: The Resistants

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 187 lbs    Height: 5’9

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Capable hand to hand combatant.

Powers: Quill was born with a mutated X-gene making him a mutant. When his powers manifested his entire body was covered in sharp needles which he could fire as projectile weapons. These needles were razor-sharp and self-generating.

Equipment: As a member of the Resistants his helmet contained a two-way communicator allowing him to remotely talk with other members of his team.


Born in Clevland, Ohio he came to the attention of the authorities when he refused to comply with the mutant registration act. Due to his powers the police were unable to secure him and thus Battlestar and the New Captain America were called in. He managed to injure Battlestar as he tried to make his escape but was ultimately cornered and defeated. While he was being carted off in handcuffs he pleaded that he was not a mutant though those pleas fell on deaf ears.

He was later rescued by the Resistants and became a member [Captain America, vol. 1 #343]. They fought against Captain America and Battlestar a few more times. Under the control of Doctor Doom he later fought the Fantastic Four while they were at a hearing. Quill was defeated and sent to the superhuman prison “The Vault” [Fantastic Four vol. 1 #335].

Quill was one of many mutants who were de-powered during M-Day [New Avengers Vol.1 #18].


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