X-Men #67 Review

X-Men # 67 – The End of Days

Quote: “Curse you, Charles Xavier… What have you gotten us all into this time?” Sabra


In Israel Sabra gets info she deems vital to the defeat of bastion in America. She defeats her attackers and travels to America. In the states Cecelia and Iceman are still on the run from O.Z.T They crash at Archangel’s pad where they get attacked by a prime Sentinel. Warren’s Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Jones arrives just in the nick of time to save them. They accompany her to the police station.

Once their and in the interrogation room with a one way glass they have no idea that Charlotte has delivered them into a trap since her son has been taken hostage. The lights suddenly go dead and in the basement we see why. Mutant terrorist Marrow is making her move.

The Good!
Coolness- Marrow’s introduction on that last page! She not only looks cool ( for those just getting into X-men) but for those in the know……..she’s one scary customer! Classic bad-Ass Marrow at its best and the potential that this has on her future all make this a really good issue!

Art-Carlos Pachecho’s art is at its best here. The detailed pencils and inks along with the perfect use of color gives the feeling of foreboding that accompanies O.Z.T.

Characterization– This issue had Iceman in the role of leader and doing a pretty good job of it. Cecelia shone as a woman in a state of panic as her life spirals out of control. Both were spot on!

Unpredictability-Fact is as the issue points out anyone can attack you at any moment and at the worst possible time. Good stuff all around!

Action- Sabra taking out the Prime sentinels was a nice opening.

The Bad!

While Lobell has a great tale set out here it lacked action and direction. Why did Iceman take Cecelia to the Police station? If we are on the run..on the move would be the best bet of not getting killed…..I mean these guys took out Storm, Wolverine, Cannonball, Cylops and Jean for Christ’s sake, you need to haul ass!

The Ugly!

stars- 3


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