Infinity #5 Review

INFINITY2013#5 (3)

The Avengers Universe.

The Heroes of Earth rally to defeat Thanos.

The war for Earth begins.

The Good

Art- Dustin Weaver and Jerome Opena as usual deliver with the art.

Story- On earth, the Necropolis, Thanos has Supergiant take the information necessary to arm the anti matter bombs from Black Bolt. Ebony Maw captures Thane and alerts Thanos. The Illuminati return home to find Wakanda under attack; they stage an interception at the Necropolis in hopes of rescuing Black Bolt and securing the bombs. In Space the Avengers and their space faring allies defeat the last of the Alephs across the galaxy and take over Titan home of Thanos as they make their way toward Earth with their allies.

Enemy- Ebony Maw is the breakout star of this entire crossover. Everyone else is just window dressing.

Alternate covers– Everything is worth your many except the standard cover.

Eden Fesi– it was refreshing and grounding to have a normal person voice what even us the fans are currently feeling. Sheer exhaustion! This was needed in the face of just so much happening all at once on such a grand scale.

The Bad

Cover-Not a fan of the cover selection for this month. After giving us distinctive hue in the beginning

Bored- I’m sorry but this far into things and I’m having a problem with how much is happening in the background. As I pointed out previously, when Avengers 2012 started it took the whole team to battle an Aleph and now they are being destroyed so casually and easily I can’t help but wonder if the original was some special version to what has essentially become power rangers ‘Putty’. The war in Wakanda also seems to be glossed over. I was hoping to get the details but alas. With one issue left for infinity I’m anticipating a major rush job. I’m starting to see cracks in Hickman’s once perfect armor.

The Ugly

Honesty this was my least favorite part of the story so far. It had good art and the story was pushed forward but I found myself underwhelmed more than excited. Infinity #5 gets 3/5

stars- 3


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