Free Comic Book Day: Infinity

FCBDInfinity 1


On an unnamed planet a genetically made “outrider” is sent by Korvus Glaive to find the “gauntlet of the tribute” for his master Thanos. The outrider takes off in his ship while Korvus breaks a planets spirit by killing their greatest warrior and collecting a “tribute” for his master.

Returning to the unnamed planet Korvus presents the tribute to Thanos, the tribute turns out to be the young of the alien species Korvus defeated.

On earth the Outrider’s ship arrives and cloaked and he searches out the Avengers (2013) team, the staff of Wolverine and the X-men and Shield’s minds for the “tribute” that the planet must pay or the world will destroyed. FCBDInfinity 3


The Good

Cover-Thanos the mad titan uses his head to smash the earth based heroes into many different pieces. Thanos’ smile and glowing luminescent blue pupil less eyes give this one a very foreboding feel.

One alternate cover is very reminiscent of a movie poster……….Loving it!

Art- Jim Cheung’s art and Justin Ponsor’s colors combine in a magnificent crescendo of divine visuals. I’ve always liked Jim’s art and this is some of his very best stuff!

Free- The best free comic I got from this year’s FCBD. Pick it up here.

Prelude- If this is a taste of things to come in the Jonothan Hickman penned Infinity sign he up captain! This is the first appearance of the Outrider and Korvus Glaive who I might add is one very scary dude.

Black Hero- Storm make a one panel cameo.


The Bad

New Readers- FCBD books are meant to attract a non comic audience and/or broaden the fan base. This book is not new user friendly enough to lure in said audience.  FCBDInfinity 5

Brief- Sure it’s free but c’mon it ends before anything really happened. Mind you this is a complaint because I was enjoying the damn thing so much.

The Ugly

Overall this issue did wet my whistle for what’s to come from Hickman and Infinity. Great art, great covers and just enough of a taste to keep us wanting more, Infinity time baby!


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