Wise Son (Character)

Wise Son
Wise Son

Publisher: Milestone Media

First Appearance: Blood Syndicate #1, April 1993

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie, Ivan Velez Jr. and Denys Cowan

Real Name: Hannibal White

Nationality: American

Weight: 190 lbs    Height: 5’11

Eyes: Black              Hair: Black

Skills and Abilities:

Relatives: Esme White (mother), Edmund White (son), Cornelia White (sister)

 Powers: Wise son possess a super dense molecular structure granting him a high level of invulnerability and resistance to injury. A side effect of this is his enhanced strength. He is also able to extend this invulnerability to those he touches but has little control over this.

Wise son was one of the founders of Nur Al-Allah (Lamp of God), the Islamic contingent of the Paris Bloods. As a gang member in Dakota he was present at the Big Bang event.When the tear gas hit the gangs he was knocked out cold. When he woke up he heard the sirens and fled instinctively. He got as far as Willis Avenue when he ran into some cops. Hannibal thought he was busted but the cops fled as their van blew up. Pinned by the truck , he should have died but instead found himself unharmed. The shock of the event caused him to wet himself [Blood Syndicate #3].

The Origin of Wise Son from Blood Syndicate #3
The Origin of Wise Son from Blood Syndicate #3

When he discovered he was indestructible he took it as a sign of a ‘holy mission”. With a new lease on life he decided to stay away from the gang life and returned home to his sister. Holocaust hunted him down and threatening his family forced him to join Wise Son’s new gang. Together they busted up a drug ring and recruited Masquerade. Together they formed the Blood Syndicate [Blood Syndicate #9].

His past with the Paris Bloods made him one of the more Bloodthirsty and often sexist members of the team. He constantly got into it with teammate Brickhouse [Blood Syndicate #1]. When Holocaust challenged Tech-9 it was Hannibal who made sure no one interfered in the fight regardless of outcome [Blood Syndicate #2-3]. After teammate Tech-9 died he took the mantle of leadership [Blood Syndicate #4].

Hannibal had a hot-tempered nature which lead to conflict with Icon and Rocket though they later called a truce [Icon #5-6]. He is a hard-line Islamic fundamentalist in many respects and continuously attempts to steer the Blood Syndicate towards these beliefs.

Milestone Forever

He later clashed with Holocaust over leadership of the team; he defeated him and maintained leadership and later saved Icon from an ambush. He also had a son named Edmund.


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