X-men legacy #261 Review


Rachel and Rogue have girl talk about Magneto and Gambit while they train some students. Gambit tells Frenzy their kiss was a mistake upon returning to the school. Blindfold warns them that a threat approaches. The children are taken to safety while Rogue and the other teachers prepare to combat the hostile. Exodus arrives to reunite the mutant race after the events of Schism by taken wolverine’s team forcefully back to Utopia. After a long fight Rogue has him read her mind to understand why it happened. Shocked at what he sees Exodus decides he must kill Cyclops to save their race and heads toward Utopia. Wolverine’s team heads after him realizing they just signed Cyclops death warrant.


The Good

Continuity- Rogue and Rachel’s exchange about Magneto follows from recent continuity in this book where Rogue and Magneto “hooked up” and grew very close before she left Utopia to come and teach at the school.

Design- I love the costumes for this team, Rachel has her hound marks back on her face with a jacket reminiscent of both her studded hound costume and the phoenix raptor “tail feather” motif on the end of the flowing jacket, pretty sweet!

Art-David Baldeon has a very distinctive art style though his women all seem to have the same shaped heads he carries the action scenes well and the facial expression are spot on, add to that his slightly cartoony aesthetic and we have a very pleasing art style.

Characterization- Blindfold the creation of Joss Whedon while he wrote Astonishing X-men is used to great cryptic effect as she foretells the arrival of Exodus just moments before he attacks. Rogue is the mature level headed woman in charge she’s grown into while still maintaining the inability to sort out her personal life. Frenzy though gets the most mileage out of her panel time. Still in love with Cyclops who’s with Emma on Utopia, she’s attracted to Gambit who’s still in love with Rogue. To make her day ten times worst Exodus her former leader as an acolyte for a very long time shows up to destroy her new found semblance of normalcy. Also of note is how much her experience while in age of X has affected her profoundly. When Exodus attempts to remove the memories she states she would rather die.

Black Superheroes- Frenzy is pretty central to the plot while Bling and Gentle make appearances though Idie is strangely absent.

Cover-Nice cover with the villain and our quartet of heroes his playthings.

Villain- Always was a big fan of Exodus since his debut. He has vast powers and untapped potential as one of the X-men’s most formidable adversaries.


The Bad

Art– Why is the head of every woman shaped the same way?

Villain-When will Exodus stop being the evil fascist cliché? Can no one take him into a multidimensional direction like Magneto? He has a tragic past, served under magneto for years, lead the acolytes for another set of years then finally had some sense talked into him by Professor Xavier and what does he do? Turn up as the same Cliché he’s always been (Shakes head)


The Ugly

Good balance of humor, characterization, emotions and action a solid 3.5/5


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