Ultimate Spider-man #5 Review

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Miles gets knocked unconscious while fleeing from Spider-woman. She takes him to Nick Fury who interrogates him about the origins of his powers and his uncle Prowler. Electro wakes up and attacks, Iron man gets taken out and no one seems to be making headway including Spider-woman and Hawkeye. Miles uses his venom blast to shut down the villain and gains everyone’s respect. Next day at school he tell his friend about what happened. Spider-woman in civilian gear and hands him a gift from Nick Fury, a brand new Spider-man suite. He is now officially Peter Parker’s successor!

The Good

Cover- Miles Morales vs Spiderwoman..clone female version of deceased spiderman? I like it!

Art- Honestly this is the best illustrated book I’m currently reading bar none. Sara Pichelli is making sweet love to every page of this comic book and the love just oozes out of every detailed and perfect frame. I have found my favourite artist of 2011 and someone I simply must interview when she has time.

Story- It took awhile but Miles Morales is finally the successor to Peter Parker with the blessings of both Spider-woman and Nick Fury, defeating Electro was the icing on this red and black cake and the present BH fans have been waiting for, for half the year.  It all comes together like magic!

Humor- You can complain about Bendis writing but the humor this issue was spot on and damn funny! Kudos for its inclusion!

Action- Lots of acrobatics, sparks fly and heroes take on the villain, action junkies you will like!

Things to come- Next issue Ultimate Prowler gets the spotlight as the second phase of this book comes to the fore.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly



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