Uncanny X-men #2 Review


Cyclops X-tinction team fights Sinister’s remade section of the world. In the middle of the fight Agent Brand of SWORD tells them the disturbance on earth has stirred the interest of the Celestials who are all headed to earth.

Sinister calls a truce and escorts the team to his inner chamber to discuss how Sinister is the new master race. He takes control of the team but Emma and Hope manage to kill Sinister but his consciousness exists in the whole new race he’s created.

The Good

X-tinction team– Earths mightiest heroes. Love the combination of power on this team is still something to fear but apart from Emma, Cyclops and Hope the rest of the team seems pretty useless.

Villain– I’m a fan of sinister and he’s used in a believable and awe- inspiring manner. Gone is his summer’s obsession, replaced by a more high evolutionary master plan, I like.

The Bad

Carlos Pacheco- His art style is unrecognizable to anything he made back in the 90’s Take a look at X-men # 70 as a prime example. Here his style seems to lack detail…..

Art- Uneven and cobbled together best describes this issue. Any comic with so many people of Pencil duty is a recipe for disaster. Carlos Pacheco obviously was having trouble finishing the issue so they called in Rodney Buchemi and Jorge Molina to help out. Some pages have a very rushed feel…its obvious! Just look at the splash page 4-5…minimal detail, NOT COOL!

The Ugly

2.5/5 Average


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