Villains For Hire #3 Review


Misty is under surveillance of the Purple and and his team who have discovered her secret identity. She realizes they are onto her and send for her team. Both teams clash briefly before her team joins the other because Purple man pays better. They get into her base and rip off her bionic arm before she reveals who’s really running the show, puppet master!

The Good

Story- The double crossing, trust no one vibe of this book is awesome. The fighting over the spoils of New York also works as serious motivation for these criminals as does money. Good stuff!

New Villain-Apparently he writer is well aware that Man-Ape is dead, this new version appears to both be younger and less experienced than his deceased counterpart.

Art- Pretty adequate for the dark sombre tone of this book and it works well with the action scenes.

Action-Lost of fisticuffs to keep action junkies happy.

Continuity- This miniseries sole purpose is to close off established stories from the last Heroes for Hire series, to that end it does its job well.

The Bad

Self contained- Nothing in this series will boil over or have any impact on the wider marvel Universe. So self contained it’s almost nonsensical.

Obscure- Book’s main weakness is still the use of C and D list villains. Sales on this book are bleak as a result.

The Ugly

Just your average comic book 2.5/5


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