Hitless Graphic Novel Announced!

Now you see me...now you don't!!

This just in … ZOOLOOK, the studio house of Nicholas Da Silva (creator of Dread & Alive, Cavedudez and FlashTV), has just informed WOBH that production for the graphic novel, HITLESS, will begin on October 18, 2010 with a release date schedule for a debut at San Diego Comic Con 2011. The graphic novel will include a revamp of the HITLESS site which currently hosts the first 2 digital episodes of the award winning series. If you remember, HITLESS was the first digital comic book series to debut on both the SONY PSP and Apple’s iPOD back in 2007. It also featured a kick-ass soundtrack featuring music by Nicholas Da Silva.

Stay tuned as WOBH will have first sneak peeks from this long awaited graphic novel series as it unfolds.


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