Aisha Campbell- 2nd Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Character)

Name: Aisha Campbell

First Appearance: November 3, 1994

Actor: Karen Ashley

Notes: She was the very first African American “yellow Ranger” and the first African American female Power Ranger ever.


Aisha met the power rangers after saving her teaches child and then was captured by lord Zedd after she and her friends won a ninja competition. During their rescue they learned the identities of the power rangers and were entrusted with its secret. Aisha was instrumental in defeating “beamcaster” before she received her powers.


Once the original black, red and yellow ranger were chosen to join the peace conference she received the power of the Yellow Ranger and replaced Trini on the team. She used the yellow Lion thunderzord and later the bear and Yellow shogun zord as well as the yellow ninja powers for a time. When reduced to childhood and in search of the zeo crystal she ended up in Africa where she decided that her veterinary skills would be best used their so she entrusted the zeo crystal and her place on the team to Tanya.

Once the crystal was fully re assembled she regained her adult form. Her finale mention was when she sent a letter to her successor from Africa.


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