Cestro-Blue alien/Aquitian Ranger (Character)

Name: Cestro

First Appearance: February 5, 1996

Actor: Karim Prince

Notes: He was the first African American Blue Ranger in the power ranger’s series and the only male “light blue” in color.


The Blue Aquitian Ranger of the team labeled on Earth the “Alien Rangers”. Cestro is the brains of the team in much the same way Billy was for his own team. As an Aquitian who are an aquatic race thus once on earth they need pure water in order to survive, otherwise they suffer sever and paralyzing dehydration. While using his ranger powers he could summon waterfalls and commanded the blue battle borg.


unmorphed he also had the ability to project energy in the form of a blue liquid-like substance which creates strong gusts of wind and even energy fields. He can also teleport over short distances.

His finale appearance on the show in Power rangers Zeo after which Billy left earth with him so he could live with a female Aquitian Cestria.


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