Luke Cage’s Thunderbolt team!

Thunderbolts #144 - The Boss

I’ve been meaning to get into Luke Cage’s Thunderbolt team for awhile now but can’t seem to find the issues. So to tide you over till I get the issues check out CBR’s Character Overview of the whole team here Very informative article.

For those who can’t be bothered I’ll give you a quick Rundown 🙂

Luke Cage

Though the hero for hire known as Luke Cage is already as hard as they come in the power department, Walker had to armor him up a bit with a new uniform and gauntlets, taking the “everyman” hero from Harlem into a more superheroic direction than he’s had to occupy in recent “New Avengers” stories.


Loaded to the hilt with guns and gear, the artist’s design for classic Captain America villain Crossbones shouldn’t let readers think this psychopath will be an entirely loose cannon, especially with Cage around to keep a watchful eye.


Cain Marko stands even more monstrous than ever under Walker’s pen, revealing that all the heroic moves the mystic-powered bruiser took over recent years with Excalibur have stuck enough to keep him from being dangerous when the Thunderbolts need him to be.


Perhaps the one character that won’t get beefed up on the page, there’s still plenty for the more recent T-Bolt member Ghost to do when the series turns over a new leaf this May.


Don’t forget that the original ladies from the reformed renegades that made up the first Thunderbolts team are never far from the center of the title, especially now that Walker has brought a little punk rock attitude to Songbird and Moonstone.


Part and parcel of Parker’s plan for the Thunderbolts was to incorporate some of the classic members from back in Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley’s run back into the series post-Dark Reign, though not all of the players will get along well with their more deranged replacements, including The Fixer and a redesigned Mach V.

check out the previews here and the review of the first issue here


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