Outsiders #1 Review

A hot, edgy new super-team rises from the ashes of the events in THE TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY! What do you get when a barrel of fierce monkey warriors attack Manhattan? Mayhem! Nightwing and Arsenal must decide whether to continue with a team of heroes…and how to recruit them!


Somewhere in the Atlantic a ship is attacked. Minutes later in Gotham Arsenal tries to convince Nightwing to join his new team of Outsiders. Days before he recruited Thunder-daughter of Black Lightning, Grace Choi a superhuman bouncer and Metamorpho. Arsenal then introduces Nightwing to the team he’s assembled along with Indigo; a robot with whom Nightwing has bad history. The team has no time to squabble as Gorilla Grod and his army make landfall revealing they took the ship in the Atlantic.



The Good

Art- Tom Raney’s art is a huge part of why I hold this series in such high regard. Everyone has a very distinctive look and design while the lines are all so smooth and seamless. Gina Going’s colors are dynamic and lush adding vibrancy to an otherwise dark book.

History- This issue presents a very concise look at the longtime friendship of Roy Harper and Dick Grayson from being kid sidekicks to grown ass men.

Black Hero- Anissa Pierce how I miss thee! This was her first appearance an her history as the first daughter of Black Lightning. I don’t care what anyone says that blonde wig she uses as part of her costume is so sexy!  Also central to her characterization was a need to be a hero, it’s something she’s always wanted despite her father’s objections. A headstrong, beautiful, powerful medical student with so much to prove, yeah that’s Thunder!

Diversity- So we have our Black member-Thunder, an asian-Grace, two white boys- Nightwing and Arsenal, a robot and a morphing..thing? Yeah it’s definitely not your run of the mill team.

Team- Apart from our black hero Thunder we also get introduced to the Amazon like Grace Choi with loads of sexual energy, Meamorpho, daughter of the original green lantern Jade, The original Robin- Nightwing and the most interesting rendition of Roy Harper to date as the utterly awesome Arsenal. This is by far my favorite rendition of the Outsiders! Great chemistry in terms of teamwork and heaven help us the raw sexuality of this team is palpable!

Pacing- I think Judd Winick handled the introduction of his team and the first threat pretty quickly without it feeling forced or rushed. That my friend is good writing!



The Bad

No complaints.


The Ugly

I honestly enjoyed every moment of this awesome book! 4/5


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