Black Lightning Enters DC New52!

Straight from the source comes news of Black Lightning‘s return as part of a new duo Black & Blue as we’re calling it. See the news below unaltered and my own views on this development.

Black & Blue-click picture for larger image

Written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Robson Rocha, this 5-issue arc asks the question: can two very different heroes keep it together without killing each other long enough to unlock a new corner of the DC Universe?


“I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to be writing this book!” Andreyko told THE SOURCE. “When I first heard the high-concept, I was instantly writing scenes in my head. I’ve always been a fan of the ‘buddy concept,’ especially when it’s love/hate, and teaming these two seemingly disparate characters together makes for some great story dynamics. How did Blue Devil and Black Lightening meet? Why are they working together? Do they even like each other? All … well, ok, some … will be answered. Add in a bloodthirsty bad guy, a crazy drug, a guy in a demon suit and another who shoots electricity, mix well. Now enjoy!”


DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #13 lands in stores on October 17th.

What This Means

Just like the tragic return to youth of Oliver Queen the original Green Arrow removed Connor Hawke so too it removes Black lightnings two daughters Lightning; a member of the now removed to Earth 2 Justice Society who had the same powers as her father;and Thunder; The more famous sister who served on the Outsiders team had the power of density alteration and was a part of the high profiled lesbian relationship Grace and Thunder, by extension she was also DC Comics most famous black lesbian superhero. They may show up eventually in a future “Elseworld Tale” but for now RIP Thunder and Lighting.

What Do I Think?

Can’t say I’m terribly happy with having Black lighting reduced to youth when we already have electric powered Static running around the New DC U and that this youth comes at the expense of Thunder and Lighting two characters I think had untapped potential. Nevertheless I’m happy that Jefferson Pierce is back and I’m still interested in how teaming Black lighting and Blue devil will be executed. Hopefully it will be more Batwing than the abysmally dull Mister Terrific or the tragically plagued by infighting Static series already cancelled by DC.

What do you think of this development?

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0 thoughts on “Black Lightning Enters DC New52!

  • July 5, 2012 at 1:10 am

    We need another young black electricity based character why? As stated above we already have Static, Black Lightning rebooting to youth equals double redundancy and double the horrible stories to come forthwith. DC sucks for this!


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