Happy Birthday to our Founder Ryan Fraser!

Join me in wishing our founder a very happy birthday! He’ll be at work all day and with family soon after so when he check the website as he does every night let him see that all his hard work is much appreciated! I’ve know Ryan since we were in High School and it’s been an honor to watch him grow into a responsible, respectful and enterprising man! Important fact most fans may not know about my boy, he’s a proud father with a new baby girl on the way and he’s also a college teacher with a 100% pass rate! World of Black Heroes is clearly a labor of love that has touched millions. Below are quotes from just a few who have been touched by Ryan’s hard work!


Ryan Fraser is a true fan with a love for the comic-book industry that can’t be denied. I admire his dedication to shining a light on the far too often overlooked contributions of Black creators and Black characters within this industry. It’s a very valuable service that World of Black Heroes provides, and I will always be grateful for that.- Chace Thibodeaux founder of Chacebook.com


Happy Birthday to Ryan! Black Heroes is an amazing resource and a testimony to the importance of African Americans to our society. Keep up the wonderful work.-John Jennings Co-author of Black Comix


We are honored that our comic series and lead character Dusu has entered into the esteemed World of Black Heroes. Mr. Fraser’s brilliant community is fun, exciting, and rooted in truth. It has the heart of the everyday people and for that we are thankful! – Sebastian A. Jones (President of Stranger Comics)

I want to wish a major HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan Fraser!!! Thank you for enlightening the masses; you are an incredible inspiration to us all!!!- Eric Moran Cosplayer


‘The World of Black Heroes site is the beacon that has shined a lot on not only the multitude of amazing and heroic characters of color, but their creators also. I know personally that my book Midnight Tiger owes a great deal to the site for it’s continued success and potential reader awareness.- Ray Anthony Height creator of the Midnight Tiger© comic


Black Heroes is an amazing site filled with a vast encyclopedic database of every black superhero ever created in comic book history. Most of us comic book fans or the casual people are not aware of the variations of characters who are people of color. This inspired me as a comic book fan of color that there are more possibilities beyond the mainstream comic book icons that I or any other black man, woman or child can relate and look up to for positive examples through these noble characters.- Reg Clinton brown actor/founder of Black Tribbles llc.


Ryan, the World Of Black Heroes is a remarkable achievement, made even more remarkable by the large and fiercely loyal following you have. I’m proud to be part of that following- that’s another remarkable achievement because I don’t follow a mother****ng thing. 

 Happy Birthday my friend, and in your honor I’m going to slap a white person today.- Michael Davis Co-Founder of Milestone Comics


Feel free to send your birthday wishes and love (below) to this man

that has given us so much and asked for nothing in return.

Happy Birthday bro,


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to our Founder Ryan Fraser!

  1. Wishing you all your birthday best… whatever the skin you are in. ;) Thank you for your wonderful contribution and labor of love. I stumbled across this site on my own mini-quest to find my reflection in science fiction. I came away encouraged in ways you’ll never know. May you continue to be blessed today and beyond.

  2. Thank you so much for starting this site. Over the last two years I have started collecting African-American action figures and dolls. My wife is a history professor and is very much active with helping with our collection. We have three boys and we want them to know that we exist. Anything that i can do to help promote the awareness of us I will help. Have a wonderful birthday and thank you again. If you are ever in the greater Orlando area please email me and I will have you and your family over for dinner.

  3. Happy birthday brotha and thank you for building such a wonderful site for Superheroes of color! Hopefully in the very near future the characters from my manuscript will make it on to your list. In fact this is a motivating site for a lot of up and coming creators and artists of color who aspire to have their characters be seen in the WOrld of Black Heroes!

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