Black Panther: World of Wakanda #2 Review


TRAINING DAY! Ayo and Aneka are given their first assignments as Dora Milaje: protect Queen Shuri at all costs! Meanwhile, T’Challa the former king lies with bedfellows so dark, disgrace is inevitable. See a major plot point from Hickman’s NEW AVENGERS run from a completely new point of view: one that changes everything…


Picking up where last issue left off in the golden city after it was ravage by Namor, the Sub Mariner. Ayo, Captain Aneka and the other Dora Milaje are rescuing those who survived and recovering the bodies of those who had died. Ayo and Aneka continue to have sexual tension. Aneka seeks council from Mistress Zola. Ayo and Aneka next save Shuri, the Queen from a would be attacker. A heated debate between Ayo and Aneka lead them to a passionate embrace and spending the night together. Ayo continues to do her duties despite her many issues. They serve the King in Necropolis until the Infinity event where they are attacked by Thanos’s minions. These events cause Ayo and Aneka t finally tell Queen Shuri that T’challa and the Illuminati, particularly Namor have been in Wakanda working with T’challa. This is where they break ties with T’challa. Aneka and Ayo finally commit to exploring their feelings for each other.

I Find the new Black Panther series and the mythology of Wakanda simply enchanting. The pull between duty and love unfolding between Aneka and Ayo is intriguing. Roxanne Gay has captured the essence of conflicting emotion very well and this is accentuated by Alitha Martinez’s art. The conflict for Aneka is most touching of all. A loyal and unflinching member of the Dora Milaje for years, tainted by her forbidden love. It was also nice to see how these two new prominent members of the Dora Milaje fit into established continuity. Rosanna Gay has done an excellent job of placing them into important Wakandan continuity. It works and I am very pleased. Overall this book is essentially a love story between these two women who were promised to a Kingdom and King to whom they never belonged. The emotions were raw and moving while the action was simply a backdrop to what was taking place between these two women. The art is minimal on detail but does its job quite well.

Kudos to the the team involved World of Wakandan is a world of wonder! 4/5 stars


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