All New X-men (2016) Annual Review

Young X-Man Idie Okonkwo has come a long way since she left her home in Nigeria to attend Xavier’s School. But has her time with the X-Men prepared her for her biggest adventure yet!



The All New X-men are in San Jose chilling after their battle with the Goblin Queen/Madelyn Pryor.  Each of them is dealing with it in different ways. Beast and Iceman are out playing dress up, X-23 is listening to music quietly, Cyclops and Genesis are out for a stroll together, while Angel is out shopping. Idie meanwhile is writing in her journal about not being able to escape the weight of being an X-man. She is approached by a cute boy who invites her out on a date. Iceman notices and tries to interrupt but Idie holds him off. Out on the date things are going good when they are attacked by mutant haters. Idie lashes out with her powers in the process she realizes he is a mutant as well. They later talk about his ability to mold his own face to look like others. He also relates how he was infected by the Terrigen mists. They are again attacked by the mutant haters though Idie makes short work of them. She calls storm to retrieve the young mutant and they two promise to go on another date. She returns to her squad and they witness the Terrigen cloud blowing out over the ocean.

What I thought

I love the cover which features Oya/Idie Okonkwo sitting and eating quietly playing with her cell phone while the rest of the all new X-men: Time displaced Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Iceman along with Genesis and X-23: are in typical mutant teenager fight mode. She seems like the eye of the Storm, the only calm part of all this chaos.

I also enjoyed this quite introspective look at Oya; the girl who caused the Schism in the ranks of the united X-men. She has grown allot since the last time I laid eyes on her. She is more focused and calm. Not the timid wallflower that once annoyed me constantly. I love how well she handled herself in battle. The training that she got under the now deceased Wolverine was illustrated well. I also enjoyed her relationship with Iceman. It was playful and cute in a very “besties” way. The other X-men don’t get much of the spotlight this issue but It showed great character growth for Idie Okonkwo.

The art was low on detail but adequate for the task. The colors though were a bit too subdued for my taste. Overall I give this issue 4/5 stars



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