Quantum and Woody #2 and #3 Review

quantumandwoody#2Quantum and Woody #2 Review

Off to a bad start!

Eric and Woody Henderson have accidentally blown up their father’s life’s work – and themselves along with it! Now, as their bizarre new superpowers begin to manifest, will they be able to outmaneuver the squad of trigger-happy cops that think Eric and Woody are to blame for their dad’s murder? Plus! The mysterious cabal targeting the world’s worst superhero team only gets creepier. Seriously, it’s like an iceberg of creepy. Only 10 percent is showing! And Quantum and Woody are about to crash right the %$!@ into it!


In the aftermath of last issue’s explosion Quantum and Woody find themselves naked with golden bands on opposite hands with their bodies in a state of flux. The police arrive and explosions and misunderstandings erupt. They manage to escape and fashion themselves costumes as they continue to search their father’s place for clues.

The Good

The art is simply divine really. There is a delicate simplicity to it that hits all the right notes, whether it’s comedy, horror, action or body language. That bit at the end where the grotesque monster springs forth from the man’s mouth is a macabre spectacle that puts Shadowman to shame. Tom Fowler is the man! Another point of interest is the spot on excellently characterized protagonists. James Asmus has made me a believer in this new Quantum and Woody; once he’s here I’m down for the cause! The humor was over the top and very entertaining. That bit where they cross swords is pure comedy gold! The issue also had a healthy dose of action, and the flashbacks provided emotional resonance second to none.

 Quantum and Woody is the best dynamic duo on the stands, hands down! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent




Quantum and Woody #3 Review

What scares you more than anything else you can imagine? WRONG. The answer is…the Nightmare Brigade!

The scheming forces of the ERA will stop at nothing to unlock the secret science behind Quantum and Woody’s powers – and they’re just getting started! Plus – see what it takes to tear our boys apart – figuratively and literally! Trust us when we say that this one has TEETH.


The clown, spider monster thing almost overwhelms our duo and they flee to the streets below. They escape from the cops and regroup at home. They get into another fight and split up. Woody is captured by our villain and woody tracks them down to a remote island.

I really like the Cover, which shows Woody freaking out in Quantum’s arms. This issue continues the over the top, slapstick comedy routine that has made this the book to watch since its debut. The art and the emotions are also spot on and really add some much needed depth to the tale. The villains are also quite creepy.

James Asmus and Tom Fowler continue to impress with quantum and woody! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent


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