Nick Fury Jr. (Character)

Marcus Johnson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:Christopher Yost, Matt Fraction and Cullen Bunn

1st appearance: Battle Scars #1, 2012

Alias: Marcus Johnson, Nick Fury, Black Nick Fury

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: U.S army

Legal Status: US citizen

Height: 6’3                   Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: Brown    Hair color: Black

Relatives: Nia Marie Johnson (mother, deceased), Nick Fury (Father),

Skills and abilities: Trained by the military in armed and unarmed combat.

Powers: Slowed aging, healing factor and peak human physical attributes.


Marcus Johnson grew up with a single mother who was a social worker. In College he played Football after which he joined the us military and did two terms in Afghanistan. After Fear itself he returned to America to attend his mother’s funeral where he was almost assassinated by a Russian assassin and later taskmaster. He was saved by Captain America and secured by SHEILD. When they refused to tell him why his life was unraveling he escaped and made his way to an old friend, Coulson. While tracking Taskmaster for information he was attacked by Deadpool and the Serpent society including Puff Addler and Bushmaster. Marcus managed to find and secure Taskmaster and escape but was then confronted by his biological father, Nick Fury.

They were then confronted by more mercenaries who captured and took them to “Orion” who drained Fury of his blood to restore himself to youth. Marcus had to save his dad and escape though he was tortured first and lost his left eye (the same as his father). Back at SHEILD he was given Steve Rogers old costume; the one he wore as head of SHEILD and an eye patch. As a SHEILD agent he was teamed with Coulson after his birth name was revealed as NICK FURY JR.

During Marvel Now he heads SHEID and leads the Secret Avengers.


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