Battle Scars #1 Review


Story starts with are counting of the Fear Itself event from a soldier in Afghanistan, Marcus Johnson. He returns to the states upon his mother’s death.  While at the house he finds a spent shell which suggests his mother was murdered by specialist. Outside he dodges a sniper’s bullet before being attacked by Russian mercs. Before he can catch his breath he’s attacked by Taskmaster who makes short work of him. Before he can be killed Captain America rescues him!


The Good

Who is Marcus Johnson?– My guess is probably an amnesiac Josiah-X or an unknown son of Isaiah Bradley or perhaps the son of Josiah-X?  His importance leads me to think super soldier……..hopefully we aren’t as disappointed as the American Panther debacle 😛

Story- Chris Yost on any book suggests a mature well crafted tale so I’m here for the duration! It’s a nice touch to have the recent marvel events seen from the point of view of the everyday man. It doesn’t happen often but is definitely different than anything I’ve been reading recently.

Art-Courtesy of Scott Eaton it showcases the action pretty well while having well proportioned characters. The colours from Paul Mounts also hit all the right notes.

Cover- Cute, our titular character is essentially a silhouette while the more popular characters expected to sell the book are in live and living color.


The Bad

Hype- How many times has marvel yanked at our hearts and wallets promising some earth shaking revelation that’s fallen short? Yeah, don’t get too excited….

Mystery- A double edged sword as we saw in Black Panther Fear Itself, sometimes our minds create a better reveal than marvel does and this issue definitely had that feeling of walking into a movie after it had started. That could alienate quite a few potential readers or followers.


The Ugly

Different than anything else I’m reading with potential to grow although Marvel’s track record leaves us reluctant to believe the hype 3/5


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