Battle Scars #2 Review


Quake quickly swoops up Marcus Johnson and takes him to shield while Captain America battles Taskmaster.

At an unknown location an old man and the seeming employer of Taskmaster is enraged that they couldn’t get to Johnson before shield and makes plans to send the merc.

Inside shield Marcus has his shoulder stitched and realizes that shield is not telling him the truth about anything. He breaks out and flees but doesn’t get far as shield agents surround him. He defeats them and meets up with best friend and former soldier “Cheese” with whom he makes plans to track down Taskmaster who can give him some answers as to why his mother was killed and why he’s being hunted.


The Good

Cover- Marcus being rescued by  Quake as Cap and Taskmaster duke it out below. That’s pretty much what happens inside. It looks pretty good.

Action- Captain America vs Taskmaster, Marcus vs Shield agents; pretty darn cool action sequences and choreography throughout the whole thing.

Who is he?- I’m still optimistic this is Isaiah Bradley’s kid and brother to Josiah X. Clearly his father and Brothers identities are secret, if he was Josiah-x’s kid who would be the secret brother? The less exciting theory is that he’s Nick Fury’s kid……yeah…I’m as excited about that possibility as a sack of bricks falling from the sky.

Art-Scot Eaton my man your art suits this book and looks great.

Accessibility– This series has benefit of no baggage so I highly recommend it to new readers as they discover who Marcus is and along the way kick ass and take names.

Marcus Johnson– Very likable, very relatable and very human. I can relate to his need for revenge and answers for his innocent mother’s death. Also notable about Marcus is his inherent fighting skill and strength. I don’t think there are too many soldiers in the army who could take down a bunch of shield agents while injured or even survive as long as he did against Taskmaster.


The Bad

Buzz- This series was recommended to me by one of the fans and I can’t but wonder why I hadn’t seen it on any of the mainstream comic book sites…..perhaps I missed it! There should be more buzz around this book, it’s pretty damn good!


The Ugly

This is getting better as the steam builds, Marcus Johnson who the hell are you? 4/5



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