Shadowland: Powerman #4 Review

The story concludes, leading to POWER MAN & IRON FIST in January! At last: Just in time for the final assault on Shadowland, the full truth behind the new Power Man’s origin is fully revealed! What is his connection to Bullseye, the Hand, and Luke Cage himself? As Iron Fist and Power Man take on Daredevil, Marvel’s latest sensation has a very personal reason for storming the ninja stronghold. But will the final revelation strengthen his newfound partnership with Danny Rand—or cause him to side with the forces of darkness?


Victor makes his choice and attacks Nightshade but gets taken down while cottonmouth is knocked unconscious. They save the criminals from burning up with the building and the hand send them a message about them having his cousin hostage. He storm off much to Danny’s protests. The ninja he defeated a few issues back sacrifice themselves to the “Beast’ and summon a demon to kill the new PM. Vic enters shadowland and gets his ass handed to him by the demon until he has an epiphany thanks to the image of his father. Realizing Chi runs through all life he absorbs the chi of New York City and destroys the demon. When Danny finally arrives he finds PM exhausted and takes him in as his protégé. They fake him having worked with the Danny rand foundation all these weeks to appease his mother they then train together.

The Good

I like the chemistry between our two leads PM and IF, it reminds me of Ryu and Ken… a playful rivalry.

Nice story overall it established the New PM and an assortment of villains from the original series were updated I hope for use in the upcoming series.

The Bad

Art in this issue was inconsistent; the fight with the demon, all those pages had a rushed feel and lacked the polish of the other pages. Some panels where just off!

There was no real conflict to speak off in this issue, It’s all set up for the new series where I expect Nightshade and the updated PM and IF villains of old to play an important role.

Chi- absorption as a power is still too vague for my taste and I’m sure others will have the same problem.

The Ugly

2.5/5 average

stars- 2.5


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