Black Panther Man without fear #519 Review

Storm Hunter Part 1


T’challa has a chat with his wife Storm about his need to be alone in Hell’s Kitchen to test himself. He then goes on a hunt for the missing super powered boy. Elsewhere Kraven who owes the Doctor a debt gets it called in as he also must hunt the boy and kill the black panther. Kraven is successful in drugging the Black Panther and locating the boy but before he can finish him Storm arrives to save him.

The Good

Story- I enjoyed the pacing and the back story of why Kraven is in this position and why he’s working with the doctor. I also enjoyed the interaction between Storm and T’challa despite the strangeness of there separation.I also enjoyed T’challa using his head while kicking ass and taking names. Additionally I think Liss has a great handle on T’challa as a character and what motivates and drives him forward. Also noteworthy is how Liss tackles T’challa’s best weapon, his mind. Under Liss T’challa is clearly shown to be one of the seven smartest men in the marvel universe. He’s the McGuyver of comics, coming up with top tech even without all of Wakanda science.

Art- Jeft Palo should be the regular artist on this book, his pencil work and inks complimented by Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s colors are a joy to behold!

Action- Nice fisticuffs

The Bad

Bianchi’s cover- What’s up with Kraven’s legs? not proportional at all!

Predictability- The ending was too predictable since we’ve known Storm was involved in this adventure before the last arc even ended!

Villain- Again Liss falls into ‘terrible” territory as his villain, the good doctor in earlier issues was mad scientist without the cliche’s but here she is just another sexualized female Dr. Moreau. Her earlier characterization was much better. I hope this isn’t a trend with Liss where his villains start strong then just lose stream.

Costume- While I do like the art I found the many pouches and the massive arsenal all over T’challa a bit cumbersome and ill thought. There is no way he would be very agile with all those weapons.

The Ugly



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