Naruto #526: Full of Black Superhero References!

If your not into Anime or not into Naruto then this may coem as a big shocker but last Issue Kishimoto (The writer/creator of Naruto) dropped some series props to black superheroes and here I break it down for ya!

Darui the 1st division commander of the joint Shinobi army from the predominantly dark skinned nation of Kumogakure in the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto has revealed his ultimate technique 🙂


As homage to a slew of Black Superheroes Darui has white hair like the world famous Storm.

He also has a unique skill described as a Storm power/Storm Element which is a combination of Lightning and rain…Storm reference again?


He then proceeds to throw lightning like so many black superheroes before him, Storm, Black Lightning, Black Vulcan, Static etc.


Recently Black Lightning started throwing literall Black Lighting….Dariu  can do that too 🙂


And to bring things home Kishimotto has him use a Black Panther attack as homage to the worlds first Black Superhero T’challa the Black Panther!


I love it! The tale of Dariu continues in next weeks Naruto #527!!! Don’t miss it!


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