Young Justice Episode 5- Schooled Images


Superman and superboy’s relationship continues to be nonexistent which only adds to superboy’s isolation and anger. Amazo attacks the justice league and they manage to take him down in five hours. Black Canary trains the team and superboy is reluctant to join though he does get his ass handed to him by Canary. Young Justice is tasked with escorting Amazo’s disassembled parts.  They split into two teams and both teams manage to get lose the parts. Robin and Flash track the parts to Gotham. Superboy rushes off and gets beat up pretty bad by Amazo. When Robin and Flash arrive they manage to destroy the androids head through quick thinking and exploiting a visible weakness when it changes powers.They return to HQ with Batman congratulating them on a job well done. Superboy realizes the need to train and asks Black Canary for help.


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