Thunderbolts #145 Review

Thunderbolts #145


Luke is unconscious as Baron Zemo tries to get the new thunderbolts to follow his lead. Some do, some don’t, only Ghost realizes that it’s a test meant to check their loyalty. Luke then tests the nanites in all their bloodstreams by taking down Juggernaut.

Once they return to the prison we see more of the prisoners and the new warden, a cybernetic patchwork who once was the U.S Agent. Luke then takes the team to their transport….the man thing. The team is then transported to their first mission, Stop some trolls left over from the siege of Asgard. Everything goes according to plan until a mysterious girl injures a “should be” intangible Ghost!

The Good

Art- Yeah I said it! I’m really digging the individualized look of the characters. The first issue was a bit rough but this one was a stride! The dark murky lines compliment the somber mood of these criminals playing hero just to get out of jail.

Action- Lost of shooting; breaking things explosions yup it had all the hallmarks of action Junkie heaven.

Chemistry- The team has great banter, and each personality does these wonderful dances around each other which is just wonderful to read.

The Bad

The art is still not gonna pull people in.

The Ugly



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