Theodore Johnson/TJ (Character)

Name: Theodore Johnson (TJ)

First Appearance: September 10, 1997

Actor: Selwyn Ward

Notes:TJ is the first African American red ranger and the second red ranger to later become a blue ranger. He is also the first African American to lead a power ranger’s team.



Red Turbo Ranger years

TJ was handpicked by Tommy Oliver the most famous of the power rangers as his successor when him and his friends decided to retire from active duty. Upon receiving Tommy’s powers after the power transfer he lead a reformed Turbo ranger team. Being successor to Tommy however were hard shoes to fill. Despite being a capable leader he caused the destruction of two megazords, one of which was set to self-destruct per his order in a failed attempt to destroy a foe, the loss of two vehicles, the loss of the Turbo Ranger powers as a result of the command center’s destruction and the abduction of Zordon.

Blue Space Ranger Years

After the disastrous finale battle as red Turbo ranger and losing their powers and mentor TJ led his team into space to track down and recover Zordon. On the way they met Andros, who despite protest eventually gave them powers similar to his own. Thus TJ became the Blue Space Ranger and second in command to Andros. As Blue ranger he suffered two major head traumas over the course of searching for Zordon and later battled the alliance of evil.

Later he made a guest appearance helping out the lost galaxy rangers along with his team to permanently deal with the psycho rangers.

Later Adventures

It’s unknown what became of his blue space powers since he latter appeared as the red Turbo ranger in the red ranger filled episode “forever red” in which all the red rangers of power rangers history reunited.


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