Maggott (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Scott Lobdell & Joe Madureira

1st appearance: The Uncanny X-Men #345, 1997

Real Name: Japheth

Nationality: South African

Weight: 235 lbs    Height: 6’8

Eyes:Brown              Hair: White

Known Relatives: Father (status unknown), Mother (fate unknown), Lot (Older brother), Daniel (Younger brother)

Powers: Superhuman strength- When manifested his skin turns blue, the upper limits of this strength were never recorded however. He also had an unspecified degree of superhuman strength even without turning blue.

Psychometry- (the ability to read the imprints of an object, past present and future as well as those belonging to anyone who has come in contact with said objects) and a

Mutant Digestive system-As a side effect of his mutation he is unable to eat since his digestive system resides outside his body. His digestive system took the form of two giant slug. These creatures consume matter at an alarming rate and are theorized to be able to eat through anything. Whenever he needs sustenance the creatures burrow through his stomach and release the energy inside his body.. These creature are also capable of independent thought and action.

Tracking- It was never specified but he possessed incredible tracking abilities and over great distances. He managed to track down Joseph all across America without aid of machinery or equipment.

Healing factor- Though unspecified when the slugs left or entered his body his body would heal instantaneously and seal the wound.

Magical sense– His slugs where recorded as being highly attuned to magical forces becoming “Skitish” whenever magical or mystical forces were around. Also the Slugs themselves appeared by nature to be part Rutai and N’gari a race of extra dimensional demons who were highly adept at the manipulation and use of magic.


Born Japheth in south Africa he was the sickly second child of his family who was a burden on their resources. At the age of ten he tried to commit suicide by driving out into the desert. His younger brother Daniel had followed him however and as they both lay dieing of thirst they were saved by Magneto master of Magnetism. Magneto realized Japheth was a mutant and used his powers to help Maggott activate his own. Two giant slugs erupted from his abdomen. His sickness which had gradually worsened as he aged was as a result of his mutation kicking in, these slugs who could eat anything were his digestive systems given form. Magneto tried to teach him to think as he did but Japheth refused and remained with his family.

Years later he tracked Magneto’s clone to New York and briefly joined the X-men along with Marrow and Cecelia Reyes. He was instrumental in saving the mansion along with Reyes when a nanite bomb was removed from Cyclops abdomen after Operation Zero Tolerance. During his brief stint as an X-man he battled Alpha Flight, Sauron, Shadow King and the Rutai demons who had supplanted the N’gari as rulers of their dimension. After that he bonded with Wolverine and told him of his past with Magneto. As the X-men slowly rebuilt he was sent by Beast to join Generation-X. Upon joining the team he was enamored with teammate Husk, and became fast friends with Synch.

Trouble followed however as he was set upon by a hunter. He left the team to track down this hunter and wound up captured by a new Weapon-X program and was sent to a concentration camps, Cecelia Reyes was also a prisoner. At the camp he was sentenced to death under Sinister’s watch but first one of his slugs was given to an known camp survivor, the other slug was experimented on by Sinister.

He later reappeared during Necrosha as part of Selene’s resurrected mutant army.


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