X-men legacy #261.1 Review


Rogue, Gambit and Frenzy are playing a friendly game of football with some of the kids while teaching them how to use their powers in new ways. Rockslide reassembled himself an unknowingly unearths a N’gari Karin. This causes the demons to spring forth and battle the adults to user the students back inside. When the team is about to be overwhelmed Rogue borrows a combination of powers which help her end the threat.  After school Gambit and Frenzy the two “outsiders” of the team reminisce about both their lost loves and sexual past and find solace in each other’s embrace.

The Good

Action- Great fight scenes throughout this book!

Evolution- I have loved this series since Mike Carey came on hand and Christos Gage has taken the baton and run with it. Rogue has become the next great leader of the X-men over the course of this series. After Schism she sided with Wolverine and is now at the school after sleeping with Magneto and the two growing extremely close, arguably closer than she’s ever been with Gambit. Now separated from Magneto and Utopia she continues to be this level headed in charge woman who’s “gambit fixation” days seem far behind her.

Cover- Our new X-men legacy cast in live an living color!

A question of Leadership– This issue pointed out just why rogue should be headmistress or co-head. She took charge of the situation with wolverine absent and seriously showed leadership akin to the very best Emma Frost, Cyclops, Storm or Magneto moments ever! The other weird thing about the school is why cannonball or Rogue natural leaders in their own right were overlooked for wolverine’s adopted kid “Kitty”? There are far more qualified people for the job and Rogue proves this issue why she should have the top job!

Humor- While not on the level of wolverine and the x-men #4 it did its job pretty well!

Continuity- ice touch remembering that the N’gari unlike the more magically inclined Rutai last seen in X-men #75 battling Maggott and Cecelia and X-men Black sun can open the Carins without them being broken 🙂 geeky knowledge 101 at the Black Heroes school of learning lol

Guthrie siblings- Cannonball and sister Husk are at daggers drawn in regards to family while Huk’s powers seem to be on the fritz as she is in a state of constant moulting. Potential, oooh the potential! Also digging Husk as a teacher and her apparent newfound mastery of her powers + the enemy was deathly weak against fire and she quickly morphed to end the threat.

Frenzy and Gambit- Gambit is stuck in his “Rogue fixation” stage but still very much the lothario we all know and love. Frenzy meanwhile has been reinvigorated by her time on Utopia and her brief love affair with Cyclops. Her longing to be an X-man and hero has driven her to side of heroes yet she maintains her rough sexy edge. It also doesn’t hurt that both herself and Gambit share a sexual past and a current love for people not interested in them. This mutual outsiders bond which has been drawing them together for awhile now and ignites in this issue, this promises an explosive/disruptive romance akin to Emma Frost and Scott Summers. I love it!


The Bad

N’gari- Ok when since does their blood contain any kind of poison?  Another question weren’t the N’gari conquered by the Rutai? I mean they could now be living in different dimensions but not much background or information on the villains was given so I guess we may never know.

Art- Not terrible but there were inconsistencies here and there.

The Ugly

Exciting stuff to come in this book, expect me back here next month! 4/5

stars- 4


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    I would just like to say thank you for having this website. I have just found myself getting into comics and I think it’s crazy how black heroes are not acknowledge.


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