Uncanny X-men (2013) #4 Review

Uncanny X-men (2013) #4 (1)

How is Magik the only one of the Phoenix Five to come out of the experience unscathed?

And there is something strange going on with one of the other members of the UNCANNY X-MEN.



The Good

Art- The opening pages are pretty solid, particularly the scenes involving Emma Frost and the Stepfords.

Cover- The mutant sorceress Magik strikes a pose on an all yellow background, with two swords; not the most dazzling cover on the stands this month but adequate.

New Students- So the school gets its first expansion and as a result the Stepford Coocoos and Angel the young version has joined up with the mutant revolution. I’m disappointed by the fact that so few decided to follow Scott but from a logistical standpoint it makes sense. Wolverine and the X-men may be zany fun but it lacks proper character development because it focuses on a small portion of the mutant school and wolverine. That approach alienates fans like myself who prefer small focused, well characterized stories like those of say Generation X (original series), X-force (original series) and New mutants (original series). Uncanny X-men (2013) #4 (2)

Black Hero- Christopher Muse/Triage is here, nothing substantial yet but he does show that he may be the bad boy of the group allot like Maggott and Gambit before him. He’s got a flirty bad boy streak which I like and he also has mutual attraction with teammate Tempus. Triage’s individuality will need to be played up if we’re ever going to get any form of personal investment but this could be the start of a beautiful thing.

Tension- So let me get this straight Magneto is the one who created the Danger room for this new school……and we all know he has dibs on Scott’s spot as leader? Methinks Cyclops may need to rethink this alliance because that means Mags could have placed all kinds of fail-safe’s to take out just about anyone when in base……with diminished powers Mags may be working his way into a power play spot with no even suspecting.

Humor- Two key scenes here are full of humor the first one is where all the new mutants are taking about picking dorms and fighting over the top bunk at camp and they all take off to secure a room suited to their needs. The second scene occurs after they accidentally activate the danger room and are scampering for their lives. Nice bit of humor to break up the more somber tone of the book.

The other relationship full of uncertainty is that of Emma and the Stepfords, sure they say they are cool with and are sorry for what happened to her but as little Emma’s, coupled with their long arduous history I don’t think the future seas are smooth sailing for these women. Didn’t Tempus imply attraction to Scott as well? Oh lordy!

WTF- what’s up with Magik’s power boost and this issue’s “outbursts”? Hopefully we’ll find out real soon!

The Bad

Art- While the opening scenes were well illustrated some of the latter pages lacked the same level of polish. Take the page where Magik returns from Limbo…….it just seems unfinished and decidedly unsmooth.

Spoilers- If you read All New X-men before this one you will realize said title ended with a cliffhanger about which of the original five would have left with Cyclops, not so shocking it’s Angel, what would have been shocking was if the young best had defected, far more entertaining than having the lame version of Worthington tag along. Pffff


The Ugly

I’m entertained and I’m looking forward to what comes next this issue lacked the punch I’ve come to expect though 3/5


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