Batwing #29 Review

Batwing#29 1

 Gotham City has been invaded by an army of criminals sent from the Gotham Underground!

Batwing must defend his home and live through his first meeting with his most dangerous foe yet: Menace!


The Good

Cover- This month continues the Batwing trend of a cover predominantly of blue hues. Batwing and his costume are almost completely black except for his bring blue glowing insignia. It’s simple yet effective and really sticks out on the comic stands.

Art-Eduardo Pansicca is still on art and it appears to be one of his best illustrated issues yet.

Emotion- Luke is a man out f control and out for vengeance. His life, this life he has longed for has finally resulted in tragedy. He thought he was in for a life of high-flying action, instead his sister is now brain-dead, his other sister missing and his family irrevocably emotionally shattered. Batwing#29 2The panels in which look sheds a single tear as he watches his parent’s emotional upheaval were excellently done. It was a tear jerking moment which leads straight into Luke roughing up the thug by breaking his arm and literally using too much force. It all flowed and made the book that much more enjoyable, kudos to all involved.

Action- Luke faces off with the Anubis gang before being attacked by a mutated fish creature at the end. How the hell do Palmiotti and Gray squeeze so much into every issue without making it feel rushed is truly astonishing.

Gotham Underground- I find this new playground fascinating. It literally adds depth to Gotham and opens up endless possibilities for storytelling.

Consequences The opening scenes which has Alfred and Batman lamenting Luke’s downward spiral and the tragedy which always comes with being a part of the Bat family was on point. I immediately thought of the death of Dick Grayson’s family, the death of Jason Todd, the death of Tim Drake’s father, the crippling of Barber Gordon etc. There is a great deal of danger which comes with being a crime fighter in Gotham. It’s one of the reasons why David Zavimbe was such an excellent choice; he had already lost so much. Alfred points out that if anything happens to Luke’s sisters Bruce will bear the brunt of the blame because he pulled Luke into this lifestyle.

Black Hero- Batwing/ Luke Fox is here, His father Lucius also makes an appearance as does Tamara and his mom.



The Bad

No complaints



The Ugly

I’m sick and tired of telling you each and every month to buy this book. Batwing #29 is an exciting, emotional, beautifully characterized and rendered gem. BUY IT! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

New Avengers (2013) #15 Review

newavengers2013#15 1

 Just who, or what is the Black Swan? Black Panther and the Illuminati make a shocking discovery about their mysterious ally! All this and…..everything dies! 


The Good

Cover-A painting-esque rendition showing Black Swan in the foreground while statues of the Illuminati surround her in the background.

Art- Simone Bianchi’s art is pitch perfect this issue with, I have no complaints. Complimenting the line work of Bianchi are some bold and dynamic colors courtesy of Adriano Dall’alpi. Good stuff!

Action- Not a whole lot but dismemberment and disintegration are used to break up the rather exposition heavy plot.

Reveal- Clearly we expected the Black Priests to be kill-able but the casual nature by which the Black Swans do it was rather anticlimactic. Nonetheless it was good to know they are not the threat they originally seemed to be.

Story- The Illuminati use their devices to check the background of their “ally” Black Swan. They discover she will betray them and has seemingly more power than they realize. Later they jail her once more hoping to prevent the dismal future they watched from ever happening.

Black Hero- Black Panther the King of the Dead/Most dangerous man alive is present and accounted for.

The Bad

The Reveal-So the big reveal is that the Black Swan is not an ally? Really? Did the readers or the Illuminati trust this chick when in her debut issue she betrays her allies and has them all slaughtered (See New Avengers (2013) #1 for details?

Fight- Am I the only one who would have loved to actually see the Illuminati vs. the Black Swan? No? I didn’t think so! I would have paid good money and enjoyed it allot more than I did this issue if I witnessed a good old fashioned knock down drag out fight.

Somber- It’s becoming a bit overbearing that everything is doom and gloom always with this title. You can only see so much dismemberment and death before it really loses its ‘sting’.

Exposition- At some point it just gets too much, this book is heavy on the exposition



The Ugly

New Avengers #15 was surprisingly average and dull. We have great art sure but the “big reveal” lacked any kind of punch. This issue gets a 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman

1st appearance: Tribe #2

Nationality: Jamaican

Team Affiliations: Tribe

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 180 lbs    Height: 6’1

Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Genius level scientific intellect.

Powers: Having been transmuted into a living liquid metal he has no need to eat or sleep, is seemingly immortal having survived having his upper chest being blow apart. He can also shapeshift and make his body either solid or liquid.


The Jamaican born skilled metallurgist  Desmond Negril’s past is a complete mystery. He is identified as “Rastafarian” [Tribe #2] meaning he believes in the divinity of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie.

At some point in the past he became friends with Blindspot/Murdock Elliston and was put in charge of a two million dollar private research facility, Allotech located on Strong Island. His life changed the day he was in the middle of an experimental liquid metal bonding process which would have had everyone in Washington clamoring.   His complex was attacked by agents of Europan. The perpetrators were after his most well-known discovery, Stromium. Stromium is a metal alloy known for its incredible resistance to physical stress and its unusual properties of energy dispersal.

During the ordeal he was accidentally exposed to his liquid metal chemicals. This changed the chemical composition of his body into a malleable liquid metal yet still alive form. He was rescued by Blindspot [Tribe #2].

He was present during the battle with Deus and the transformation of Rosalyn [Tribe #0 and Tribe #3]. He was also friends with fellow Tribe members, Fly Girl and Short Order

Fly girl


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman

1st appearance: Tribe trading card, 1993

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: The Tribe

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: Unknown         Height: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown                   Hair: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled designer.

Powers: Nicolena dons a prototype costume called a TUX (Tricot Ultralight Exoskeleton) which enables flight. It was also said she wears a G.E.A.R (general Energy Abating Rags) suit that absorbs and redistributes energy.


Nicolena Johnson is Fly Girl. A high-fashion model, she is the face behind the successful ad campaign for the Touch of Velvet cosmetic firm. Along with partner Todd Innis, she is also co-owner of Rumble Wear, the fashion house responsible for designing most of the costumes of the Image universe. An avid thrill seeker, Nicolena dons a prototype costume called a TUX (Tricot Ultralight Exoskeleton) developed with the aid of friend Murdock Ellison. *Source: Back of card

She also has access to a G.E.A.R (general Energy Abating Rags) suit. If Tribe had remained at Image she would have made her debut in Tribe #5 at a fashion show where Savage Dragon, father of Malcolm Dragon and Youngblood made an appearance [Tribe collectible card Promo set, 1993].


Aizan _Revealed_Colored_BlueBG
Real Name:
Hela St.August

Publisher: Pyroglyphics Studios/Street Team Studios

Created by: Shawn Alleyne

1st appearance: Aizan Mixtape Sketchbook

Nationality: Barbadian

Team Affiliations: Street Team; The Sleeping 8s graffiti crew; Clan of Aizan

Legal Status: Dual citizen of Barbados and America with no criminal records

Height: 5’ 6”              Weight: 175lbs

Eyes:Light Brown/Green      Hair:  Black “loc-hawk” with burgundy highlights (which she changes periodically)

Relatives: Orville Moore(father); Carmeta St. August(mother; deceased)

Skills and abilities: Aizan is a self taught practitioner of par-kour and breakdancing, making her extremely agile and coordinated.  Through a special ceremony of The Aizan Clan, some of her mentor’s abilities were passed to her, allowing her to absorb some of his martial arts abilities. Aizan is now versed in the Clan’s martial art system “Anansea Vita Saana. With all of these elementsshe has created a new hybrid unorthodox fighting style all her own.

Powers:  It has been hypothesized that Aizan is able to cast a psychic aura or “web” that allows her to perceive parallel realities. This manifests in her being able to see through illusions, to the “truth” of reality. Aizan can “read” body movements and actions, giving her the ability to anticipate attacks or even tell when someone is lying. At her highest level she capable of forcing people to reveal truths. At this level she can also “share” her ability, allowing others to see the varied paths their actions could take.  This psychic aura also allows her to decipher codes and translate foreign languages. A strange side effect of her power makes her immune to the affects of vertigo. In addition, Aizan participated in a ritualistic ceremony of the Aizan Clan, where certain mental and physical attributes were transferred from her mentor Black Aizan to her. Mental attributes consisting of collected ancestral knowledge allowing her to pool wisdom from numerous past lives of experience; and psychical attributes consisting of enhanced reflexes, speed, flexibility, stamina, durability and agility, slightly above that of a human at peak condition. A combination of the two has gained her access to advanced “muscle memory” martial art techniques.

Weapons/Paraphernalia: Aizan utilizes two specially designed collapsible fighting batons. When fully extended an electrical strip can be activated on one side. Along her arms are a total of four removable smoke cartridges. At low level they release smoke to mask her movements, and at high level they can be used as flash-bang grenades. Her costume is an advanced light-weight but highly protective suit that protects her from most minor firearms and damage. Her scarf is made of a hi-tech material with interwoven electromagnetic nanite fibers. As she moves, the nanites are released producing a jamming static that blocks all video frequencies, making Aizan invisible to cameras, video, etc. Aizan has also been known to carry paint cartridges to perform spontaneous graffiti-ing.

Biography: Hela St. August was born and raised on the island of Barbados, one of the few places on the planet not heavily populated with an emerging para-human community. The few that were on the island were studied at the medical facility where her mother and father worked as para-human gene researchers. While there, Hela’s mother become extremely ill, and it was hypothesized that exposure to a para-human’s unique energy caused her sickness. Her father tried for years to do his best for his wife, and though a brilliant researcher, he grew frustrated over his many failures to find a cure. This lead to heavy drinking, and him pulling apart from his family. Hela was very young when this happened and began to blame super-powered people for her family’s circumstances. Seeking new help, her father relocated them to the city of Bridgeport in the U.S, where the cutting edge genetic firm Genergy was located. He got a position as one of their top associates, and for many years he threw himself into new research, dedicating himself to finding a cure for his wife’s mysterious illness. It was to no avail, and Hela’s mother died a few short years later. This destroyed the already fragile relationship between Hela and her father, and she decided to make it on her own in her new adopted home of Bridgeport. A rebellious and troubled youth, she eventually became a member of The Sleepy 8s graffiti group, earning herself a rep as a daredevil tagger. It was soon after that the “Street Team war” occurred in Bridgeport City, where a group of vigilantes fought an overlord called Oguun, leaving Bridgeport devastated. Hela’s hatred of the parahuman community knew no bounds. She launched a viral and visual campaign against para-humans and government officials, blaming superpowered people for what she felt was wrong with society. A charismatic philanthropist by the name of Roman Gideon arose to restore the city to its’ past greatness, but Hela saw him as an opportunistic, greedy, government puppet businessman, and sought to expose the truth of his actions. One night while on a raid of one of Gideon’s new development sites, Hela discovered a secret chamber housing numerous para-human beings, and was attacked. She was gravely injured, but was rescued by the city’s notorious vigilante, Black Aizan who, after restoring her to health, revealed to Hela that she was chosen to take on his mantle of an “Aizan”, or protector.

X-men day’s of Future Past: A closer look at Sunspot

sunspot IN X-MEN MOVIE

QUESTION: When Michael B. Jordan was publicly outed as the new Human torch for Fantastic Four the internet went crazy. Conversely there has been nothing said about the casting of the light-skinned Adan Canto as the clearly dark-skinned  Sunspot. Did people genuinely miss this or …is this another case of the Hollywood double standard?!

In addition to this  Sunspot who’s powers manifest as a “blacking out” of his entire body, google sunspot to see why he was given that code name. Instead he looks like the human torch……we can complain even further that when  Sunspot finally developed his ability to project energy said energy was always a trademarked blue. What we have is just a human torch knockoff. How utterly sad on both fronts.




Earlier today both this poster (above) and this kick ass trailer (below). We get our first real look at Sunspot in action as well as Iceman riding his trademark ice slides, Storm… serious trouble and sentinels galore!!

Days of Future Past acts as a sequel to both 2006′s X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011′s X-Men: First Class, as well as a follow-up to 2013′s The Wolverine. The film was shot in 3D and is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2014

What do you guys think of the Trailer and Poster?

More as it breaks! 


Ultimate Comics Spider-man #27 and #28 Review



 MILES comes face-to-face with the evil of ROXXON.

They created VENOM and because of Venom, Miles’ mother is dead.

Miles is going to unleash hell.

The Good

Story- Cloak and Dagger regroup on a rooftop before being drawn into the battle between Taskmaster, Miles Morales, Spider-woman and Bombshell.  During the battle Taskmasters powers are revealed and he easily over powers the trio. It’s only when Cloak sucks him into the dark zone are our heroes saved. Together the team attacks the Roxxon corporation who sent Taskmaster after our heroes in the first place.

Cover- Miles swinging foot first towards Roxxon’s building. Very literal and fitting.

Action- Taskmaster takes on Miles Morales, Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell and almost takes down the whole lot with his absorption powers. Over the top and so fluid!

Art- Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! Sweeping skylights, spread pages, explosions! Oh lord this one packed it all!

Black Heroes- Ultimate Cloak and Miles are here and introducing Taskmaster!

stars- 4






The end of the first chapter of the MILES MORALES saga

Miles discovers one of the big secrets of his origin.


The Good

Story- Miles Morales, Spider-woman, Bombshell, Ultimate Cloak and Dagger crash into the Roxxon corporation. Once inside Roxxon boasts that the heroes cant touch him and even alludes to being responsible for the death of Miles Mom. This sends Miles into a rage. He manages to not kill Roxxon before S.H.I.E.L.D arrives. The Roxxon brain trust attacks and manages to subdue Bombshell, Spider-woman, Cloak and Dagger. Miles quickly rescues the gathered heroes and together they subdue the brain trust. That night Miles reconciles with his best friend Ganke.

Art- As far as art goes this is easily one of the most consistent books on the shelves, period! Everything looks great and the action flows seamlessly.

Secrets- Just what is the real history of Miles father Jefferson and the Roxxon corporation? Methinks this will be very similar to what Peter Parker’s dad used to do.

Continuity- So this issue leads directly into Cataclysm which I have yet to read (Note to self, pick up Cataclysm) and also ends with a few suggestive panels of the new Ultimates being formed over the course of this series which was announced awhile back.

Characterization-It was good to see Miles finally grow into his role as Spider-man. His reconciliation with his best friend was also heartwarming as well as his assertion that he is Spider-man.

Black Hero- Ultimate Cloak, Miles Morales are both here and black support character Jefferson Morales.



Another solid read courtesy of Marvel comics and Brian Michael Bendis 4/5

stars- 4

First look at Deathlok!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’ve been too busy to watch agents of Shield and just finally got through watching the fifteen episodes of Arrow season 2 so I may not be the best person to comment on this recently circulating image of J. August Richards as Deathlok. Now I don’t think this looks too hot and I have not heard the greatest things about this show despite Joss Whedon being at the helm. But Until I watch the whole thing I’ll reserve judgement.

What do you guys think?

Is this the Deathlok you were expecting?

More as it breaks!

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #26 Review



SPIDER-MAN is back!!


And what is Miles’ new girlfriend’s secret?

What I thought

Story- In this issue we learn about Bombshell’s past and she battles both Miles Morales/Spider Man and Spider Woman. Elsewhere Cloak & Dagger reaffirm their love and make plans to take down Roxxon. The Roxxon Brain trust calls for mercenary Taskmaster to bring Bombshell back. While the teens talk on  a roof  Taskmaster attacks and subdues all three.

 Cover- A close up of Miles arm shooting a web tether. The background is a detailed rendition of New York. I dig it!

Art- Dave Marquez flexes his artistic muscle for this issue by giving us a dash of diversity. In the Sombre places the art takes on a darker moodier tone while outside in the the present is bright, vivid and smooth. Kudos to Justin Ponsor’s colors as well which compliment the whole package from start to finish.

Characterization- It was interesting to see the origin of Bombshell and her connection to the evil Roxxon Corporation. I also dig the portrayal of the Roxxon Brain trust. They have this curiosity inherent even in real world scientists but with the typical comic book twist of taking it too far.  Miles and Spider woman continue to have great chemistry and play well off each other.

Black Heroes- Miles Morales and Cloak are here and introducing the Ultimate Taskmaster!

 Overall: I enjoy reading Ultimate Comics Spider-man but because of my schedule it’s gotten harder and harder to give comprehensive reviews. Despite that I thought this issue was pretty good. It had great characterization, good action, great art and also managed to introduce a new black supervillain in Taskmaster. I give this issue a- 4/5

stars- 4



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