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The Black Vortex Part 6-12 Review


With an entire planet encapsulated in amber, the Guardians and the X-Men have few options left.

And when a powerful and ancient entity enters the battlefield, their only choice may be to submit to the Black Vortex.

But in saving the galaxy from this threat, the purest among them may be lost forever.

Black Vortex 2-5 finale

The Black Vortex Part 2-5 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #24: The Black Vortex Part 2 Summary Gamora transformed by the Black Vortex turns the tides long enough for Magik to transport them to Spartax’s moon. Once there a rift develops in their ranks about whether or not they should use the Black Vortex of not. While they bicker Present day…

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All New Captain America #5 Review

 The countdown to great leveling begins. Planet Hydra Is all but assured. Captain America is our last hope. The Good Art– Stuart Immonen as usual on this book is delivering top notch groovy-ness in every panel. I’m loving it! Story– Baron Zemo is on the verge of killing All New Captain America who manages to…


Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #6 Review

Existential horror from beyond as CORTEX Incorporated drops the mask – and shows its true face!

For one of the Mighty Avengers, the nightmare is starting all over again…

Is this story even in continuity? Are YOU even in continuity? LOOK IN THE MIRROR – WHAT IF YOU’RE NOT?

Meagan Good (1)

Meagan Good

  Meagan Monique Good (born August 8, 1981) is an American film and television actress and occasional film producer. She is most famous for appearing as part of an ensemble cast in, Think Like a Man.  



Publisher: Archie Created By: Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain Nationality: South African Team Affiliation: The Mighty Mutanimals Legal Status: Deceased. Height: 5’10                Weight: 160 Ibs. Eye Color: Brown      Hair color: Brown Relatives: Unknown Skills & Abilities:  Attributes of both human and wolf. Power: Super Speed. Biography A native of South Africa, Dreadmon was sent…


Savage Dragon #202 Review

Stripped of his lightning powers, Malcolm Dragon finds that he can no longer rely on the one thing that kept him alive! Now he faces his most fearsome challenge yet—at a time when he’s at his most vulnerable. Malcolm Dragon fights the Deadly Damsels of the Vicious Circle! Raptor! Vein! Samurai! Insect! Tigress! Volcanic! Climax! Double-Paige!


Hit Squad #0 Review

In the beginning, there was harmony across the universe until the unthinkable happened and caused the first Great War as the forces of Heaven rose up against each other. As penalty for their treacherous actions, those who sought to oppose the natural order were banished from paradise never to return. The Fallen, as they were called, eventually made their way to Earth and their vile nature managed to corrupt mankind. Among them came Sinn and seven of the
deadliest beings known to mankind. They have been called many names such as “The Seven Deadly Sins of Man” but most know them simply as…THE HIT SQUAD!!

Elijah Alexander

Elijah Alexander (Character)

ELIJAH ALEXANDER Created by: Eric Dean Seaton 1st appearance: Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1 Nationality: Mantamaji Height: 6 feet  Weight: 190 Eyes: Brown    Hair: None Relatives: Mariah Alexander (mother), Candor Alexander (father) Skills and abilities: All forms Martial Arts dating back 3000 years. Powers: Super strength, the ability to Morph his Ankh into…

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Meet The Independents: Michael Watson

  1. How did you get started in the comic industry? At a very young age, a close friend of mine by the name of Tom learned that I actually disliked comics. He refused to let this continue, brought me a stack of X-men and I fell in love. Immediately after that we started a…

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Uncanny Avengers (2015) #2 Review


Welcome to Counter-Earth, where the future of your species is being developed by crack evolutionists. A better future awaits and is only one evolutionary updated away.

The New Men rise for what is theirs. They seek the chaos and the speed to create the true Earth, the true evolution.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver discover a terrible truth about their past.

Book 1 cover

Nowhere Man Vol.1 Book 1 Review

Nowhere Man Book 1 collecting Issues 0-3 Review THINK YOU KNOW JACK? THINK AGAIN! Summary Jack Maguire is an ambitious detective who is not only living in the shadow of his deceased hero cop father, but also is carrying a secret around that is affecting every aspect of his life. To say ambitious is an…

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Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider man #8 and #9 Review

Miles Morales-The Ultimate Spider man #8 Review Twenty five years ago Jefferson aids his brother Aaron in some criminal activities. Things go south and he finds himself arrested and offered a double agent job by Nicholas Fury.  He is later recruited by Turk an up and coming gangster as his major muscle. He’s so good…


Savage Dragon #201 Review

 Following the cataclysmic events of our awe-inspiring 200th issue, Malcolm Dragon comes face-to-face with the new head of the Vicious Circle! It’s a battle like none you’ve seen before! The Good Art– What can I say about Erik Larsen’s art that has not been said before? It’s fluid, dynamic, handles action superbly and yet manages…