Marvel Woman (Character)

Marvel woman 1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval

Real Name: Marlene Brashear

First Appearance: New Avengers (2016) #5

Citizenship: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: Unknown                         Eye Color: Brown

Weight: Unknown                    Hair Color: Brown

Relatives: Adam Brashear/Blue Marvel, Kevin Brashear, Adrienne Brashear, Max Brashear/Dr. Positron (Relatives)

Powers: She has the power of flight, she can also manipulate positive and negative energies.

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Heir to the famous Blue Marvel, it is unclear if she is another child fathered by the Blue marvel later in his life or if she is the child of Kevin, or Adrienne or Max which would make her his grandchild.

In the year 20XX she is one of the heavy hitters of the Avengers squad under the leadership of Danielle Cage/The Shield. Her teammates include the Atlantean Jako Krangsen/The Iron Mariner, King Hulk/Teddy Altman, Manu Chavhan/Callapsar, Victor Shade/Vision and Dorma McKenzie/Namorina.

Alongside her team she battled the Demiurge/William Kaplan the reality warping, omnicidal super villain. The battle went south after the villain decapitated Thor Odinson and later vaporized Namorina and Vision.

Alongside the survivors she traveled back to 2016 to stop the villain from ever gaining true power. They battled the modern day New Avengers lead by Roberto Da Costa. When Wiccan expelled the villain from his body the team was pulled back into the future [New Avengers #5-6 (2016].


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