Ultimates #4 Review

Ultimates#4 1

The Ultimates are headed to the very edge of everything that is – and beyond! Destination: Outside!

But on the way, they’re going to have to deal with pan-dimensional parasites, rogue realities, universal systems…

…and an enemy from Blue Marvel’s past.



The Good
Art-All hail Rocaforte, the best damn thing on the shelves right now!

Cover-This is perhaps the weakest cover thus far but still pretty good. It’s rather deceptive as it shows the team facing off with a huge, very detailed monstrous creature.

Continuity– Having Anti-man turn up after all these years was every Blue Marvel fan’s dream! He was the perfect nemesis. A former best friend turned enemy, created by accident by Adam himself and also the man who killed his wife. Anti-man is thus the catalyst that shatters Adam family which lead his son Max into a villain’s life. There is so much between these two men and having it unfold under the master scribe Al Ewing is simply divine.

Seamless– Al Ewing just as he did with the Mighty Avengers series is adding depth and layers to established Blue Marvel continuity. By Having Adam be the one to create the Anti-Man helmet to help his friend was very much in character and still fits into established continuity.

Flashbacks– Ewing uses these in such a way that it becomes an organic part of the story. Anti man’s madness is portrayed not so much as such but a problem with relating to the here and now. His mind jumps around in time and it is perhaps because of this that he became unhinged. It also suggests that he is curable, that he could be a great ally, he just needs redemption, and he just needs someone to stabilize or perhaps even cure him.

Blue Marvel– I love how Ewing portrays Adam, he has a great handle on the character and is expanding him in ways beyond compare. Adam’s past comes back in a big way, his anger and vengeance is justified and understandable and Franco Rocaforte illustrates this very well.

Black HeroesKevin Brashear makes reappearance and now he’s a cosmic being from another dimension? Oh yes Ewing, give it to me baby! I love it! Blue Marvel was front and center in this one, I love it! Black Panther, Miss America and Monica Rambeau also made an appearance.

Developments– So the team has been doing big things, changing Galactus and going outside the Omniverse. These events however are not going unseen by the cosmic forces of the universe. Eternity has taken note and is sending the world shaping Galactus to stop them. Talk about your roller coaster adventure. I did not see that coming!


The Bad
Not even a single complaint from me.


The Ugly
If you’re a fan of good art Ultimates is a must read, if you’re a fan of black superheroes or superheroes of color, this is a must read! This book is the Ultimate! 5/5 stars

stars- 5 excellent


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