Spawn Resurrection #1 Review

Spawn Ressurection #1

NEW TEAM! NEW DIRECTION! The return of Al Simmons, and the start of a brand new era for SPAWN! No one quite knows where Al’s been all this time, but it’s clear he’s come back a changed man. Wiser, stronger, and with the memories from an experience that’s he’s still struggling to understand. Tucked away in a crime-ridden corner of New York City, he’s beginning to forge new alliances, preparing defenses, and testing out his newly acquired powers… because there’s a battle coming, and it’s something that makes the Heaven/Hell thing seem like a petty squabble. So just who did Al piss off so badly while he was away?

Paul Jenkins has replaced Brian Wood to be the next writer of SPAWN. Comics veteran Jenkins will be joining artist Jonboy Meyers starting with SPAWN: RESURRECTION, before the team takes over the regular series with SPAWN #251!


In Limbo, Al Simmons is visited by “God” in the form of a dog he had as a pet during his childhood. “God” tells him about what has transpired on Earth since he committed suicide, including the death of his wife Wanda Fitzgerald. An angry Al, grief stricken is beckoned by “God” to take the sword of the spirit and return to Earth. “God” also mentions that there were mysterious forces and beings who manipulated Al to get him out of the picture so they could take control of Earth. Wanda’s soul has been taken to hell to be with the unborn son she had with Al. Simmons take’s the sword and lands on Earth filled with righteous fury!


What I thought

Jonboy’s art rocked my socks off from start to finish. I’m assuming the “god” which shows up here is the mother of “Satan” and “god” who used Wanda and Terry Fitzgerald’s twins as their vessels way back in Spawn history. Taking the form of a dog was…..interesting. I enjoyed the reintegration of Al Simmonsinto the titular role of the Spawn series.

There are more soft reboots in this book than I can keep up with. First Wanda lost the kid she and Al would have had because he was physically abusing her. Mammon took the kid which went on to become Morena. Now he and Wanda had a son which also didn’t go full term? Oh Jesus! This is becoming the weird unheard of adventures of Charles Xavier all over again. It didn’t help my love of his character and it sure as hell isn’t doing anything for me as a fan of Spawn.  The visuals were the main seller for me because despite Wanda dying it just felt hollow and emotionless which is sad when you consider how long the character existed as the emotional center of all things Al Simmons.

Overall: I’m happy Al is back because now at least I can be interested in Spawn as a franchise once more. With a movie reboot on the way and the character still so much of a pop culture icon thanks to his first movie, 90’s sales, HBO series and as Todd McFarlane states he now has the highest numbered book on the stands. It’s a good time to get back into Spawn. Resurrection has great production values and casts Al Simmons back on Earth with an all new foe and status quo.  We give Spawn Resurrection 3.5/5 stars

stars- 3.5


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