SuperHero Huff (Character)

Super Hero Huff 2

Created by: Yorli Huff

Real Name: Phaedra Huff

1st appearance:  Superhero Huff Vol 1; 2011

Nationality: Black

Aliases: none

Team Affiliations: none

Height: 6’0   Weight: 130

Eyes: brown Hair: brown

Relatives: son

Skills and abilities: undercover drug agent, tech savvy, computer geek, proficient with police weapons

Powers: vortex, teleportation, mind reading, metamorphosis

Weapons: 9MM


Phaedra Huff a strong young black female undercover police officer that has special powers from birth. Often called a “tech savvy” Foxy Brown, she understands from growing up in the hood that she needs to be more of a giver than a taker and she moves back to the hood to do just that. She moves back to the family building located on the West Side of Chicago in K-town to restore safety, hope and increase literacy. She is strong willed person with an overwhelming personality that changes the atmosphere and is on a  life journey which will see her grow mentally, spiritually and physically. She is still discovering who she is and the power that she possess, and is striving to become the best Under Cover Agent that she can be. Maturing in her destiny and powers, just when she thinks things are one way, she comes to know that nothing ever really is what she thinks it is, but she would never know that until she got into it. She comes to know that the forces of evil are strong and realistic. turning urban legend into reality, she is able to be the support and hope for the neighborhood children for she knows that what she has been blessed with is not for her but for others. She advances in her journey and becomes aware of the Secret Society that has been waiting to receive her from birth. They have been protecting and watching over her, waiting for her to come into her own. She must first learn and master all of the powers that she possesses before she will be able to be received into this secret society, and must also prove herself to be worthy of her gifts by unselfishly giving of herself. Once she has accomplished these feats then the world that she will rule will be revealed to her like a piece of coal under pressure reveals the hidden diamond that lies within.

Marcus Roberts

Marcus is a freelance writer and longtime comic book collector. He is a husband and father of two. He is also a certified Life Skills Coach with a degree in psychology. He is a moderator for the Independent Creators Connection (ICC) and ICC Anthologies groups and an administrator for the Heroes of Color page on Facebook,and the creator of Project Nexus and The Protector. Written credits include Jennifer Rash's Dream Angel , and from ICC Publishing, IHERO 3,Imperia: The Chaos of Calamity and ICC Magazine (Available on IndyPlanet), and The Protector (Available on Comixology, Indyplanet, and

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