The Black Vortex Part 6-12 Review

Guardians Team Up #3: The Black Vortex Part 6

On Hala Storm, Star Lord and Jean try to reason with the Supreme Intelligence alongside Ronan as Beast, Angel and Gamora ravage the planet in search of the Vortex. The Supreme Intelligence denies the use of the Vortex but Ronan uses it anyway and defends the planet sending the trio into retreat. He then leaves Hala in disgrace as the Supreme Accuser for disobeying the orders of his leader. Elsewhere Gara last of the Viscardi reveals she is here to destroy the Black Vortex.

Guardians of the Galaxy #25: The Black Vortex Part 7

On Hala our heroes steal the Black Vortex from the Kree Supreme Intelligence they are met with spirited resistance. While Nova is in flight however he is intercepted by the Slaughter Lords. Knife’s fling Fortress also bears down on Hala  thus destroying the planet. Our heroes’ barley survives as they escape in their ship. In all the chaos however Nova and the Vortex are left floating in space with neither side knowing its whereabouts. Magik tracks down the modified trio and recruits their aid. In Knife’s dungeon  he tries to get Young Cyclops to agree to his terms of trading them for the Vortex but Scott refuses.

Nova #28: The Black Vortex part 8

In space Nova regains consciousness and tries to carry the Vortex to the rendezvous point along the way he’s tempted by it multiple times. Gara last of the Viscardi senses it’s presence. While hiding out o Earth the Collector tracks down Nova to his human home. He carries it back into space but is met by Knife and Thane. He loses the Vortex to them and Thane is transformed by it.

Legendary Star Lord #10: The Black Vortex Part 9

Above Spartax Thane Unleashes his enhanced powers on the unsuspecting populace  including our heroes on its surface. The Team from Hala arrive just in time to watch their teammates trapped in amber stasis between life and death. Star Lord’s words reach Shadowcat and she is able to free herself but no one else. The Brood arrive in orbit and Knife reveals his deal with the brood Queen. He will give her Spartax thus raising her army by a billion +. In exchange for every ten planets they conquer he will get one. Ebony Maw tries to convince Thane to kill Knife and take over while on the surface the heroes try to fend off the invasion and the slaughter lords try to stop them.

Cyclops #12: The Black Vortex Part 10

In Knife’s fortress Cyclops, Iceman and Groot manage to escape their cell. They run into Knife’s army and are backed into the Black Vortex at first Cyclops does not want to access the pwer because he’s afraid like his future self he will become corrupt. After a telepathic message from Jean and his dad he allows all three of them to take the power up. They rip through the army and escape with the vortex. They run into the battle between the slaughter lords and our heroes. Captain Marvel takes the Vortex off their hands and after some self assurance Cyclops decides to save the universe.

Captain Marvel #14: The Black Vortex Part 11

Captain Marvel in possession of the Black Vortex flies off to Shadowcat in the hope that she can save the people of Spartax. Along the way she faces down both Thane and Knife. She also resists the power of the Vortex long enough for Gara to arrive and take out Thane after he took out Knife. Gara is here to destroy the Vortex so Marvel tries to evade her and take it to Shadowcat.

Legendary Star Lord#11: The Black Vortex Part 12

The team scrambles to save the planet. Various people decide to use to but Gara refuses. Kitty is chosen as the best person to use the Black Vortex and save the planet because she wants to use it the least. What I thought It was heartbreaking to watch Beast realize what everyone else did the moment he traveled back in time, he screwed up the space time continuum! Kitty and Star Lord’s relationship continues to develop organically and is a welcomed addition to the happenings of the tale. Thane finally gets his power upgrade and the big reveal of Knife’s master plan is truly the sort of supervillain shenanigans that make him Sith level evil.  The art continues to be all over the place but at this point it’s expected. Gara the last of the Viscardi has this Deus Ex Machina vibe but I’m going along with it to see if the juice is worth the squeeze. Having Kitty chosen as the best candidate was the least interesting development so far. Overall everything ramped up fine until part 10 and 11 where things just stalled. Part 12 got the ball rolling  again though nothing terribly exciting. Sure we got Ebony Maw tempting Thane and Gara finally showed up in a decisive manner but everything else just seemed like filler. On the good side though it’s still an entertaining read though it’s starting to wear thin. I give Black Vortex Part six to eleven 3/5 stars stars- 3 good


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