Christine Cord (Character)

Tatoo 5

Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearance: New X-men #126, 2002

Created By: Grant Morrison

Alias: Tattoo, Longstrike

Team Affiliation: Omega Gang, X.S.G, New Warriors

Height: 5’ 8”                           Weight: 130 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown                  Hair Color: Black, dyed orange

Relatives: Christian Chord (Brother), Unnamed parents (Status Unknown)

Skills and Abilities: Christian has displayed gymnastics abilities and a great level of agility.

Powers: As tattoo she had chameleon skin, which could change color and pattern at will. Her thoughts were often projected onto her skin, like temporary word tattoos. She could also phase portions of her body through solid matter; this ability’s full extent was unrevealed.

Technology: As Longstrike she wore a suit based on Stilt-Man’s limb-extension technology allowing her to grow to a height of 280’, move at 30 mph, and lift 1500 lbs. The suit had an intangibility burst based on the Ghost’s technology.


While a student at Charles Xavier’s institute for mutants, Christine Cord went by the alias of Tattoo met dated supposedly handsome and charismatic fellow student Slick, and was present when the school was attacked by Cassandra Nova. However, after Quentin Quire disrupted the illusion hiding slick’s true misshapen appearance, Tattoo broke up with him and joined Quire’s Omega Gang. Her frustrations led her to become hooked on Mutant-enhancing drug, kick. The Omegas as they were now called worked to foster fear of mutants through a vigilante assault on a human gang that had killed mutant celebrity Jumbo Carnation and rebelling against Xavier’s peaceful teachings. The Omegans kidnapped Prof. X and started a riot on campus but Tattoo was incapacitated by Emma Frost.

Alongside her Omega teammates she was sent to human jail by Wolverine. After being released she lost her powers on M-day. Approached by Night Thrasher/Donyell Taylor she was offered a technology suit that mimicked superhuman abilities. As the limb-extending Longstrike, Cord joined the New Warriors and captured over thirty criminals and opposing the Superhuman registration act. However, she was unfocused, often complaining about skipping training sessions and never mastered her new abilities. Subsequently, during a battle with a zodiac group, the inexperienced Longstrike was slain by Zodiac member Cancer’s super-carcinogen.


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