Donyell Taylor (Character)

Donyell-Night Thrasher
Donyell-Night Thrasher

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Fabian Nicieza and Ken Lashley

1st appearance: Night Thrasher #3 (1993)

Team Affiliations: New Warriors

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’4              Weight: 250 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Black

Relatives: Daryl Taylor (father, deceased), unidentified mother (deceased), Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher (half-brother, deceased)

Skills and Abilities: Donyell is a highly trained hand to hand combatant, proficient gymnast and marksman. After his brother’s death he has continued training in the same unspecified Japanese martial arts that his brother used.
Powers: Donyell had the mutant ability to channel electricity through touch much like an electric eel. He often used a specialized arm mounted crossbow with a chord which enabled him to shock his adversaries from a distance. He was de-powered on M-day.
Equipment: As Night Thrasher his suit allows him to generate hard light weapon constructs. He has been shown generating wrist blades, escrima sticks and a bo-staff. The suit also offers him a measure of enhanced resistance to injury, teleportation and the weapons can create shockwaves.


Daryl Taylor met his mother while away on a business trip to Chicago. They both got drunk and went back to his Executive Suite on North Columbus Drive and had sex. Daryl left the next day and nine months later to Donyell Taylor. The boy had no contact with his father or no knowledge of him besides a picture. The reason his mother kept quite the whole time was that Daryl had given her a single check for her silence, a six figure check [Night Thrasher #8]. At the onset of puberty he developed his mutant abilities. To channel his anger he trained extensively as a martial artist. Sometime later he became a thief and mercenary. When his mother died he learned the identity of his father and decided to destroy his brother’s life.

He tracks down Silhouette and introduces himself to her before disappearing into the night [Night Thrasher #5]. The last person on his list was Midnight’s Fire who he stalked as rain fell and took him down. With this he decided he was now ready to face his brother Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher. During their first confrontation he defeated his brother [Night Thrasher #7].  Capturing Silhouette and preventing her from using her powers he revealed his origins to her. He and Silhouette bonded during this time. His anger got the better of him when they had their rematch he was defeated [Night Thrasher #8].

The Origin of Donyell Taylor, from New Warriors v4. #7
The Origin of Donyell Taylor, from New Warriors v4. #7

Silhouette nursed him back to health and kept it a secret from Dwayne/Night Thrasher [Night Thrasher #13]. They started a relationship and unknown to her he was stealing secrets from the Taylor foundation and selling them to the competition. Alongside Sil they later faced Night Thrasher which proved to drive an even bigger wedge between Sil and Thrasher [Night Thrasher #14].

Joining the New Warriors

When The new Warriors faced the villain Sphinx and were scattered he gathered a band of heroes to form a new incarnation of the new warriors and assisted his brother’s team. They again parted on bad terms when he revealed that him and Silhouette were in a relationship. He continued to be a thorn in his brother’s side as he sold company secrets to rival companies. Furthering his criminal goals he took residence in New Orleans.

Here he romanced Gambit’s ex-wife Belladona the leader of the Assassins guild. Gambit revealed he was simply using Bell and they broke it off and left on bad terms.

New Beginnings

With his brother dead and the name of the New Warriors tarnished he decided to rebuild the team to honor his brother. To this end he recruited former mutants like himself who had lost their power after M-Day. Also to honor his brother’s memory he took over the Taylor foundation and restarted it as a small disaster relief charity for families from Stanford [New Warriors v4. #3]. Knowing he would be highly suspect once the team went public he concocted an elaborate scheme involving a fake accident which resulted in both his legs being amputated [New Warriors v4. #3 and #6]. By pooling the family name and using his prodigious technical skills he made enough money from patents to found ‘Taylordyne Technologies’ which allowed him to restore the family fortune and even buy back the old Taylor tower [New Warriors v4. #3].

Life After Death

After creating the New Warriors after the Civil War event he tried to recruit Sofia Montega formerly Tempest of the New Mutant recruits of the Xavier’s school for the gifted. This was initially unsuccessful however [New Warriors v4. #1-2]. He kept his identity a secret from all his teammates initially and trained them non-stop to perfect their teamwork [New Warriors v4. #2-4]. In their first outing as a team against the deadly Zodiac Longstrike was killed. This caused him to almost disband the team [New Warriors v4. #4-5]. While at his brothers grave he ran into ex-girlfriend Silhouette. After the two had a heated debate about what he was doing and the nature of their relationship he was attacked by Midnight’s fire [New Warriors v4. #7]. They then discussed an alliance [New Warriors v4. #8]. He then rescued the team from almost being killed by Zodiac [New Warriors v4. #9]. His penchant for secrecy lead to suspicion and estrangement from the team [New Warriors v4. #9-10]. After convincing them to go on a mission with him he disappeared in the middle of the battle to download important info before abandoning ½ his team [New Warriors v4. #11].

Over the course of his adventures he disbanded the team.

He was next recruited by fellow New Warrior alum Debrii and Rage alongside Justice into their team of New Warriors.


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