Green Lantern Corps #13 Review

“Rise of the Third Army”!

As John Stewart discovers there’s a new GL on Earth, the Third Army Strikes!

Also in this issue: EVERYTHING changes for Guy Gardner!


Out in space the Third army continues to spread. On OA the Guardians free the criminal Xar who has history with Guy Gardner. They then promote Guy and leave him in charge of a very import escort mission. They pull John off the mission to be sent into the unknown regions of space where Mogo apparently is being resurrected. While Guy is on his mission he’s told Xar has escaped so he leaves the escort to head to earth in order to save his family.

The guardians contact him about his action before sending Xar to kill everyone being escorted. Guy and company run into the third army on the way to earth and one of them is assimilated by them.


The Good

Cover- Part of a fold out poster when all the Green Lantern line of Books this month are joined, pretty cool!

Action-Bolts of energy and eviscerations plenty.

John Stewart- the Guardians clearly see John as a threat and are moving him far away from OA and Guy.

Crossover- So this is where the third army really begins showing what a threat they are and yeah this is the beginning of DC Comics next event.


The Bad

Art- Not as strong as previous issues and the color was very subdued.

Say What- Ok lets get this straight not one of the Green Lanterns involved in this book have even a small suspicion of what the hell the guardians were thinking with their new “Guy Gardner obsession” and various other unexplainable “happenings”. Stupid juice must be drunk by everyone on OA.

Crossover- I’m not excited at all by this latest crossover. Do we need a crossover every year with the Green Lantern line? Seriously!?


The Ugly

A bit underwhelming honestly 2.5/5


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