The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #3 Review


At the Z-tech compound director Zither frees her husband (Helix) the very first firestorm and set him on Jason and Ronnie. On site Ronnie surrender to the Hyena team to save Jason, when his girlfriend is shot saving them Jason lashes out with his powers. Just as they defeat the hyenas Helix arrives, he thrashes them so they combine powers to stay alive. Elsewhere Zitheer send her agents to Firestorms parents as leverage and the agent from issue 1 has developed superpowers.

The Good

Cover-Great looking cover with our two heroes drawn my superstar Ethan Van Sciver.

New origins- Well if these guys are being honest professor stein is now a dead arms dealer who sold Firestorm powers to the highest bidders, huge departure from his original characterization.

Art-The interior artwork is good with action sequences illustrated nicely while the more low key sequences still look good.

Story– it’s becoming more and more apparent that the people chasing our fiery duo may very well be the heroes who are trying to prevent a global disaster. This is, interesting as we don’t often find heroes or shall we say super humans start out in this position.

Action-This book is chok full and overflowing with action!

The Bad

Action-it’s not often I complain about action in a comic book but considering the great characterization which came from Firestorm starring Jason I cant help but wonder if this is all just a bit too fast paced and the characters are only secondary to whatever the story is about. For that reason this book is not of the same quality of say Ultimate Spiderman, Static Shock or even Green Lantern Corps. Do some character work people or I’m gonna drop this action heavy mess.

The Ugly

I’m losing interest fast in this book 🙁 3/5


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