Mister Terrific #1 Review


Terrific breaks into a building to check if they are building weapons and has to fight off a man in armor, he defeats him. He remembers his past and how he arrived at being a hero. In his lab he’s visited by a son from the future and on the street a man is zapped by unknown energy and murders someone. Terrific is called in to investigate and he goes to his sanctuary. After returning to the real world he’s at a part when he’s taken over by something and tries to kill a politician.

The Good

Mr Terrific– Get his own ongoing. He portrayed as smart though nothing on the level of batman or Hardware.

Origin– New readers will get a kick out of the inclusion of his origin in this issue.

Final three pages– After the boredom of most of the book it was a nice touch to end on an average note, Terrific gets taken over and tries to kill the senator. Yup that’s the most interesting thing that happened in this book and it lasts three pages.

Cover-Nice cover art

The Bad

Art- Here we go ago again…Gugliotta’s god awful art…(shudder) last seen in Klaws of the Panther., it was the worst aspect of that series. What to say? It’s hideous and has a problems handling fight scenes and transitions, lack of proportion and consistency throughout the book is also pretty much his usual fare. Sorry but Once he’s here I won’t be.

Boring- It took me literally days to read this book because each time I read a few pages I was disappointed with how much fun I was not having 🙁

With books like Static Shock #1, Ultimate Spider-man #1, Batwing #1, Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 Green Lantern Corps and Ultimate Spider-man #2 to fill the niche of reading about black characters while being an engaging read, why would Terrific not bring his “A” game in the first issue? Sorry this book is already a candidate for cancellation, I thought Black Panther Man without fear #522 was bad but this is actually allot worst.

Angry black woman- Seriously we needed this to compound the terrible tale?

Power Girl– The implied sexual contact between Terrific and Power Girl felt forced and out of place. To add insult to injury it’s very easy to pass her off as just a white chick as she has non of her trademark features.

The Ugly

Terrible art and a boring uneventful story, thanks for the first issue but I won’t be coming back next month sorry 2/5


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