Wolverine and the X-men #6 Review


Wolverine has taken kid omega to an un-policed section of the Milky Way galaxy in hopes of cheating in an intergalactic gambling den so he can finance his school. The secret weapon is Kid Omega’s telepathy.

At the school the creature from last issue arrives at the school and makes his way inside with his pet brood. Inside kitty, the x-men fight an endless horde of brood and Kid Gladiator becomes one of them. Broo manages to warn kitty of the other brood incoming. She freezes Broo for his own safety right before the creature knocks her unconscious and closes in on Broo, his real target.

Back in space Wolverine and Kid Omega win allot of money but are caught. Wolverine fights them ff while Omega run’s for it.

The Good

Art- Dear Nick Bradshaw, I love your art! Fights scenes look great, alien designs are cool, everyone is distinct. I am very pleased!

Action- Littered throughout was the fight between the X-men and the Brood.

Hot Mess- The train wreck continues and we still can’t look away. This book has my undivided attention, Wolverine and Kid omega gambling together in space? We know their getting caught but the lead up was still just far too entertaining to not watch.

Cover- Typical casino cheats getting caught with a space opera twist, very cool and very funny.

Easter egg- Remember the movie gremlins from the 80’s? Yes? No? Well if you do you can’t help but chuckle s Kid gladiator becomes a brood….with a Mohawk like the villain from gremlins, Spike.

Writer- Jason Aeron has taken a book who in its debut left me as underwhelmed as Mister Terrific #1 and turned it into the comic which I look forward to lighten the “doom and gloom” of recent stories with a healthy dose of organic humor that always hits the right note. His tale also doesn’t take itself too seriously which is a good thing. Too often the weight of a book is heaped on the serious pile leaving every single thing said the weight of 1000 bombs. Jason executes humor, an off kilter tale and pretty good characterization into something that pleases on every level a comic book should!

The Bad

Hypocrisy- Ok Wolverine you left Cyclops because he was “using children” as his personal foot soldiers, he wanted to keep them “safe”.  Now you capture a student to carry him to a very unsavory and unsafe place off planet, by the end of the issue he has to flee of be killed. Is this not what you didn’t want for these children? (Shakes head) on a side note Wolverine has carried Kitty Pryde and Jubilee to all kinds of unsavory and dangerous places over the years *cough* Madripoor *cough* so we really shouldn’t be shocked at anything he’s doing right now.

The Ugly



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