Doctor Voodoo- Avenger of the Supernatural #3 Review


Flashback: a long time ago, a sorcerer supreme and a houngan supreme battle the god Ogoun, who is almost free on earth with plans to destroy everything. They can do nothing to stop him except sacrifice there souls to bind the creature. In there passing both there mantles are passed through the generations. Brother voodoo flees from Nightmare while his brother takes possession of Hellstrom. They are attacked by two ghost riders and we learn that the world itself has been infected by Nightmare. Latveria is safe however as Doom has encased his state in a protected barrier until he can find a way to deal with the problem of nightmare. Once in New York now devoid of life and any allies they are attacked by the Hood who now serves nightmare. He shoots voodoo and Hellstrom must watch as he is reborn as a servant of Nightmare.


The Good

Awesome cover art- Voodoo with the stereotypical white skull face paint looks outstanding!

The interior art is right at home and hits all the right notes to convey the story, perfectly fitting.

Nightmare proves to be a worthy foe for the new sorcerer supreme and the duo of Voodoo and his brother are a force to be reckoned with.


The Bad

Interior art may prevent some from enjoying the story. It’s an acquired taste which some just wont like.

The Ugly



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