Doctor Voodoo- Avenger of the Supernatural #1 Review

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger Of The Supernatural #1


Doctor Voodoo visits the realm of Darmamu to warn him not to interfere in the business of earth again following his empowerment of small time criminal ‘the hood’ over in Bendis New Avengers title. Darmamu is amused by the audacity of the newly appointed ‘sorcerer supreme’ he attacks but voodoo counters with voodoo magic which seals him in his realm. He then returns to the earth dimension to Dr. Strange his predecessor. They have a disagreement about the methods he is using, his lack of sleep and his civilian duties to the people of New Orleans.

Strange leaves him to his own devices after a cryptic warning and realizing that his methods had failed him in capacity as ‘sorcerer supreme’. Voodoo leaves his brother to watch their citadel while he returns to the hospital. Once there he realizes his duties have left him unprepared for his job. They are about to be shut down/closed and a demon wearing a man’s skin attacks him. Doctor Doom then enters the scene demanding the eye of agamoto and the mantle of sorcerer supreme.

A battle across dimensions erupts and Doom is triumphant. While gazing into the eye of agamotto he sees something disturbing and leaves the eye and mantle to a defeated Voodoo who wanders what he could have seen.

The Good

The visuals set a dark foreboding tone for things to come which may be fitting or not as the series continues to unfold. Brother Voodoo gets his own miniseries. The cover art, the standard one is well crafted and illustrated.

The story establishes the mantle of the sorcerer supreme, the fact that voodoo is newly appointed and that his predecessor failed somehow. We see a darker tone in the overall approach to the job than Strange. We also see how it can take a toll on one’s mind and body. While voodoo does his duties his civilian life takes a beating, he has not slept and complains of nearly losing his sanity while battling Darmamu. His exhaustion shows in battle with both the demon and Doom.

Dr. Doom is an ominous foe to face at this point he wants the power and mantle, for selfish reasons yes but he has the mind with which to properly deal with the mantle. Here he outclasses voodoo easily. I loved the portrayal of Doom.

Voodoo also shows his altruism in his none profit free clinic in New Orleans. I also loved his new importance in the marvel universe as the most prominent Haitian superhero on modern comics.


The Bad

While fitting the art lacked detail and was far too dark. This is made worse when you compare it to the lovely cover. No real definition or description given to our protagonist and his abilities. Sorcerer supreme is really a blanket statement for ‘magic man’ and new readers will wonder why/who the spirit who aids him may be.


The Ugly

2.57/5 Average with potential


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