Papa Legba (Character)

Created by: Len Wein and Gene Colan

1st appearance: Strange Tales #169 (1973)

Alias:Houngan Supreme

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: unknown    Height: unknown

Eyes: unknown        Hair: unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: He is very proficient and well trained in the art of voodoo

As Houngan supreme (The most powerful Voodoo sorcerer) he was granted the Staff of Legba.



The first known Houngan Supreme, Papa Legba traveled to the god realm Bondye after a time of great drought seeking healing magic. Unknowingly he unleashed Ogoun the god of war and had to get aid from the then sorcerer Supreme Makeem. Unable to stop the god they sealed the doorway to Bondye using their souls and the mantles of Houngan Supreme and Sorcerer Supreme sought out the next in line. ( Chronicled in Docter Voodoo Sorcerer Supreme 1-4)


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